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Moose2157 t1_j7721re wrote

Did you look both ways to make sure no one was looking and then do what needing doing?


Namnagort t1_j78rvzd wrote

Why are we talking in code? Is there an unwritten law about what to do when you find a stack of pizzas.


Moose2157 t1_j78w85u wrote

Never know who’s listening. Could be someone with designs on my pizza.


Marvelman88 t1_j78ud21 wrote

Eat them


toss_it_out_tomorrow t1_j78vuh5 wrote

but what if there's fentanyl all over them?


Frankjc3rd t1_j793p9h wrote

I have a personal rule: "Don't eat found food or the last donut, there's a reason it's still there."


djjsear t1_j777n7f wrote

Definitely ninja turtles. They got an emergency call and had to bail


-ibgd t1_j77fmu5 wrote

Surprisingly Master Splinter didn’t stop by.


Colonel_Corona t1_j77gds9 wrote

Need to see how stretchy the cheese is before being able to confirm


SouthPhilly_215 t1_j79mv1c wrote

Thats what I was thinking too. Splinter spoke to the rats too and said not to touch his boys’ leftover meal.


ColdJay64 t1_j774r1p wrote

They were definitely properly refrigerated overnight - free pizza!


mealpatrickharris t1_j77nx7r wrote

my friend ate one once like seven years ago, we still call him street pizza


Rahawk02 t1_j7apt65 wrote

I had a job once where the first shift had a pizza party, they just tossed a couple full boxes in the trash that they didn't eat instead of saving any for the 2nd shift. There was literally a full box of pizza sitting right on top of the can so of course I was called Trash Pizza after I rescued it.


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j772fiv wrote

Pizza Hut. Can we really call it pizza?


[deleted] t1_j779cd7 wrote



stuff_of_epics t1_j77k1yx wrote

I’ll throw in on defending pizza hut thin crust. When it’s done right, it’s enjoyable. Seems like doing it right is hit or miss, though; I got disappointed so often I gave up on trying.


BlackhawkinPA t1_j77c03g wrote

I don't this is the hill to die on. Most viable is a stretch. I will say Pizza Huts pizza quality seems to vary by location.


[deleted] t1_j77f5en wrote



BlackhawkinPA t1_j77mr7t wrote

Well, I lived in the Midwest, the South, and now the NE. Not sure the exact number of Pizza Huts over the years but I'm guessing more than 6. I've seen variances in quality between sites. That isn't to say that some places could be worse, but PH is a low bar in my experience.


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j77du0g wrote

That's fair. I would rate it best among the chains, but that's like saying Burger King is good burgers. Technically burgers, but not good ones.


DonovanMcLoughlin t1_j77dg7i wrote

Pizza Hut isn't that bad actually.


Wu-Tang_Killa_Bees t1_j77dvt5 wrote

I like pizza hut but it could just be nostalgia because it was one of only a few options growing up. Either way, the floor on pizza is ridiculously high


Frontstunderel t1_j7745jg wrote

This is a common practice in the pizza religion. It would loosely compare to the Jewish practice of leaving a cup of wine out for Elijah at Passover


Utter_cockwomble t1_j776nhx wrote

Who is summoning Toot-Toot?


RoverTheMonster t1_j77dxid wrote

Damn I would’ve felt like the luckiest dude in the whole world to have walked by that about 12 hours ago


ArcherChase t1_j781y8p wrote

This is a goddamn crime against humanity. Who does that to pizza?!!


Hib3rnian t1_j77rb8s wrote

Sirianni and the staff watching Chiefs games?


RowdySuperBigGulp t1_j78em9y wrote

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t eat a pizza or a bucket of chicken that I’ve found on the street at least once in my life.


Lazy-Clock7316 t1_j789z91 wrote

OP, did you eat a slice? Did it smell good? Why didn't you take all the pizzas?


turngray t1_j78swj9 wrote

This is tragic


jacketqueer t1_j7a4t13 wrote

Looks like a cartoon booby trap


mundotaku t1_j78nst9 wrote

So first sandwishes and now pizza? Wtf is wrong with people? 🤣


brk1 t1_j78pw46 wrote

This is like a crime scene.


jeffseidl92 t1_j7b6sgu wrote

Where tf they get Pizza Hut at??


ineffectivegoggles OP t1_j7ebuh9 wrote

Walnut and 51st!

This photo is literally from the side of the Pizza Hut there lol.


jeffseidl92 t1_j7gatt7 wrote

Ahh I see, bit outside my radius of where I usually look for things!


AtBat3 t1_j782qvw wrote

Giants fans are still upset huh


Phl_worldwide t1_j77dvns wrote

I live right off broad. You wouldn’t believe (maybe you would) how much food I have to throw away. Clearly a lot of it is given out as charity but the people getting it don’t want it anyway. Like just bags of canned beans and shit. All the time


kittylover3210 t1_j77e9o1 wrote

you’re throwing away canned goods? seems like it would be worth bringing them to one of the many community fridges around the city


Phl_worldwide t1_j77rqan wrote

Oh yeah, just what people want, twice thrown away food that the labels are peeling off. I clean the blocks around me to make the kids on the block feel better about themselves and hopefully can have a better outlook on life


kittylover3210 t1_j77y6jy wrote

oh I could definitely tell it was twice thrown away food with the labels peeling off from your original comment


TrueOcho t1_j778y3r wrote

It’s Pizza Hut I get it…