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CallMeMattF t1_ja854i4 wrote

How come whenever the article says “…open in South Philadelphia” they mean east of Broad. I wish Point Breeze, Greys Ferry, and even Girard Estates had better places than Atlanta Wings. I know there’s a few spots, but not nearly as many as east of Broad


ringringmytacobell t1_ja89h1e wrote

I say this with absolutely no sources but I would venture to guess it has something to do with Kenyatta Johnson.


PurpleWhiteOut t1_ja8lijx wrote

Unironically yeah. He's been against any zoning changes, especially on Point Breeze Ave and Washington Ave. The west side of broad has barely any commercial zoning outside of PB Ave, some corners, and a little on Snyder and W Passyunk. Unless the zoning changes, the west side doesn't have many spaces for commercial to exist in the first place


CallMeMattF t1_ja8ifve wrote

How so? I met him once or twice through a nonprofit I worked for but admittedly don’t keep up with his work.


petedogg t1_ja8k1ss wrote

KJ believes that anything good would cause gentrification, especially anything that might be remotely associated with “hipster” white people.


CallMeMattF t1_ja9dqe4 wrote

Well here I am, a 30-year-old white guy (I would never claim to be hip) living on PBA. I don’t want to get rid of my neighbors, I just want a decent hoagie or panini not from OCF, the combo real estate/coffee house taking over this dirty ol’ town


hockeystuff77 t1_jacoi4x wrote

He’s a greedy fuck that knows what to do to keep getting re-elected. Next time you see him, flip him off. I own down around taproom on 19th and his stupid fucking policies are doing nothing but holding a huge, high potential area of the city back, and his constituents keep voting for him because he keeps them fearful of young, mildly affluent people coming in and chasing them out. Just look at Washington ave. Once side got a sorely needed redevelopment, and the other got fuck all.


PurpleWhiteOut t1_ja8kzke wrote

There's barely anything zoned commercial outside of Point Breeze Ave unfortunately and most corner store spaces have been converted to residential. It sucks for the neighborhood and I always had to leave for anything when I lived there, but it's largely an arbitrary zoning issue


snake_w_arms t1_ja8dwwf wrote

Yeah moving back to the east side of broad in South Philly made me realize how much there isn’t on the west side.