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VeryStab1eGenius t1_ja3fjfa wrote

Well if says it, it must be true.


T-rex_with_a_gun t1_ja60ex8 wrote

LMAO. As soon as I read the title, i was sus...then reading the source, its the biggest bullshit ever.

To think you would outclass places like Florida, with both miami (huge party destination) and Orlando (theme parks)

You gotta be an idiot to think PA or even philly ranks above those


shnoogle111 t1_ja3bob3 wrote

People will do anything to get out of New Jersey


OptimusSublime t1_ja3fn0k wrote

Every time I pay a toll to leave the state I picture it as a ransom.


stug41 t1_ja7kkdr wrote

If you had to pay to get in nobody would go there


OHIO_TERRORIST t1_ja3oghu wrote

I mean half of PA goes to the Jersey Shore every summer.


irishgambin0 t1_ja46oef wrote

i grew up in Blackwood, my cousins grew up in Upper Darby. my family rented a house down in Sea Isle some years back and one night my cousins and i went hopping between La Costa and the OD.

we ran into group after group of people they knew from Delco. introduced me to probably 50 different people.

i ran into no one.


DasBeatles t1_ja78p4f wrote

Surprised you went for a house. Most NJ people I know don't stay at the shore. Just take day trips.


irishgambin0 t1_ja7d1pz wrote

technically my mom and dad went for a house. they're from Bala Cynwyd and Upper Darby, respectively.


Aggressive-Cut5836 t1_ja3keva wrote

Wait what? Alabama was the most traveled to state? And to be honest, I don’t really see PA as being the second most traveled to state either. Maybe traveled ‘through’ state, as in folks driving to NYC or DC or whatnot


HyruleJedi t1_ja3zjv7 wrote

Driving to PA to get to either DC or NYC or Boston or Baltimore is out of the way….


Aggressive-Cut5836 t1_ja441c7 wrote

I mean, it’s kind of in the middle (the keystone), there is a way to bypass PA by driving through Jersey to/from Delaware but that’s not going to be optimal for everyone.


HyruleJedi t1_ja44le6 wrote

If you drove from Maine to Orlando, going through PA would be out of the way


ksm6149 t1_ja45bmg wrote

You would have to take 95 south which can cross through Philadelphia or new Jersey, but you have to pay tolls to exit new Jersey


HyruleJedi t1_ja463ao wrote

You could but as someone that travelled from Baltimore to Boston regularly the last 15 years, going the philly route adds almost 40-50 minutes to the trek


PhillyPanda t1_ja3avxr wrote

> Alabama and Florida were the first and second most travelled to states

Seems… wrong.


Vexithan t1_ja4910n wrote

Florida makes sense for reasons that are obvious. Alabama doesn’t make sense at first but their Gulf coast is SUPER popular especially for college kids. From what I understand, spring break there is as big or bigger than in FL


ColdJay64 OP t1_ja3cxc4 wrote

Haha I’m not sure what that random sentence contradicting the rest of the article is doing at the end. Maybe they meant traveled from? Which would also seem wrong.


herpaderpadont t1_ja3f7vs wrote

PA is 2nd most popular but 3rd most travelled to. Meaning people likes it more, but it was travelled to slightly less than AL and FL.


i-bleed-red t1_ja3m07m wrote

This article isn’t very well written, contradicts itself, and uses pretty suspect data to back its claims. It even uses a photo that doesn’t feature any of the attractions mentioned. I’m not usually so harsh, but I’m calling Bullshit on this headline’s claim.


8_Foot_Vertical_Leap t1_ja4fnks wrote

It's written by a bot. All the telltale signs are there: claims that don't make sense, unsupported claims, contradictory statements, poor informational hierarchy. It's just a spam site churning out AI written content to try and boost seo.


i-bleed-red t1_ja4g7ui wrote

I honestly didn’t know that bots writing articles is a thing. It actually makes me feel better. I teach college writing and I couldn’t fathom even my first-years doing that poorly.


ronreadingpa t1_ja7jcp6 wrote

The facts don't matter, just that people click into the article to boost views. That's it.

Many news sites don't even try anymore. For a while it was simply increased number of typos and lack of fact checking. Then it progressed to many articles being little more than a few sentences, if even that with little to no detail all. Now articles often consist of gibberish mashed together that may convey some useful information, but often not.

As for bots, I'd wager they didn't use ChatGPT. It would likely have done a better job.


rossdowdell t1_ja3ibk6 wrote

I travel to PA 3 to 5 times a week.


Valnaya t1_ja3wq0i wrote

Without seeing any facts I know this is wrong. It’s just common sense. NY, FL, CA, TX…


frupp110 t1_ja40cuq wrote

Through, the word is through


jengibredia t1_ja801hr wrote

And that's why we don't believe everything we read on the internet


ColdJay64 OP t1_ja3cu1i wrote

“The fruit of the research bequeath upon Pennsylvania the number two overall ranking, losing only to New York. Hawaii took home the bronze.

“Featuring 61 countries’ top five, Pennsylvania is officially the second most popular state,” reads the study itself. “It’s topped the list in 28 countries, including Germany, France, Sweden, and Israel, and second in 16 countries, including the UAE, Qatar, South Africa, and the U.K.”


DeltaNerd t1_ja3uv94 wrote

This article makes no sense. It seems to fit three surveys into one article