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RoverTheMonster t1_ja81wo4 wrote

There are so many architectural gems hidden in plain sight in this city. It makes walking around a treasure hunt any time you just look up


jd3marco t1_ja7tij9 wrote

It’s Bovine University.


LittleBabyJoseph t1_jaaox3p wrote

When I grow up, I’m going to Bovine University. [You did the voice, didn’t you?]


murphysfriend t1_jac5zyz wrote

Get your Masters degree in: Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) | Prions Diseases. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease? Don’t be Mad at that cow!


bushwhack227 t1_ja7zsxs wrote

Yep. Used to be a slaughterhouse


jwill602 t1_ja809c6 wrote

Came here to ask this. I kind of assumed it probably was


uptown_gargoyle t1_ja7v2ab wrote

my kinda post right here


Easy-Reading OP t1_ja8gj3v wrote

Lol. I'd love to see more of these so please point me to your favorites.


uptown_gargoyle t1_ja8rpj8 wrote

There are gargoyles on the church at 47 and Kingsessing. I don't have a picture handy right now though


blue-and-bluer t1_ja9afrb wrote

I used to live on that block; I’d say hi to the gargoyles every time I came home.


osin144 t1_jacokao wrote

Not a gargoyle or a steer and not Philly either (burbs) but I always thought this was super cool, especially for the era it was built.


ThaddyG t1_ja7vr89 wrote

Is this on Fairmount on the edge of nolibs/poplar-ish area? It's been a few years but I feel like I used to walk past this building all the time going between my apartment and 2nd Street. Always wanted to see the apartments in there somehow haha


Fattom23 t1_ja8ajqk wrote

If you just walk around and look up, you'll often see something cool in Philly.


Uppgreyedd t1_ja8mv0x wrote

Unless a seagull's right overhead, they're sharpshooters.


MeEvilBob t1_ja86902 wrote

Legend has it that the rest of the cow exists inside the building, and if you go up there you can actually milk it, and the milk is apparently divine and not coming from a roof leak dripping on a pile of drywall and asbestos dust and then dripping to wherever the person who decided they were going to milk a building ended up putting their bucket.


Fourlec t1_ja80r8a wrote

I stayed in a city in The Netherlands called Haarlem that had a building with very similar building decorations and it was a slaughterhouse. Very cool. I wonder if it's a Dutch thing or just a slaughterhouse thing lol


MeEvilBob t1_ja84y3h wrote

The building says M Zimmermann Co, and Zimmerman is a German name, so I think it's more just a slaughterhouse thing.

I picture someone whose career is in butchering cows looking at the fancy new facade of the bank that ripped them off and thinking "one day, my butcher shop is gonna have a fancier front than than that stupid bank, only instead of weird mythical animals, I'm gonna have cow heads, I mean, I have enough of them, you need one to sculpt? I got one right here!".


tastycakebiker t1_ja8ouns wrote

So much cool architecture in this city if you just look up


bdank89 t1_ja8v8ak wrote

I USED TO LIVE HERE! The place was pretty spacious and the landlord (Alex) never raised our rent in the four years I lived there. Embarrassingly, I didn't notice the busts until I'd already lived there for a year. Being that close to Cafe la Maude was dangerous. 😂


cjgager t1_ja8xdkv wrote

beautiful philly gem


snooloosey t1_ja7uhkl wrote

I need to get out of my house more. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was MOO BAH LA LA LA


edelezi t1_ja7v2c8 wrote

🤩 grandsome!