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Arkitect14 t1_j8ak2bi wrote

Got to be honest, at this point most of them would be mixed use of residential anyway. The super talk is very easily happen. It just needs a mixture of lab space, residential hotel space and the like. Probably what most hours will be residential hotel and or lab /life sciences space


bigassbiddy t1_j8akegk wrote

There is a glut of residential supply coming to Philly over the next 36 months, and weak economic / job growth projections. I appreciate your optimism but a supertall isn’t happening.


Arkitect14 t1_j8fwq3q wrote

Not yet anyways in 5 years or so I could see one. But I think the tallest we're seeing is maybe another 700ft tower but that would be mixed use or fully residential. But I have no problem with that


bigassbiddy t1_j8fx1z1 wrote

700 feet would be 50 stories+

The last two towers to meet that were the Laurel (which was planned in 2014 and still not complete) and Comcast 2 (which was an a rated credit tenant - Comcast - signing a long term lease for most of the building).

Sorry but, we are 20+ years away from another supertall.


Arkitect14 t1_j8g080a wrote

I'm not disagreeing but remember a 650ft luxury apartment tower is proposed for Rittenhouse square right behind the laurel, and another 500ft tower is proposed next door to that one, plus 542ft tower at broad on Lombard, I'd say a supertall is a ways off but 700 or 800ft isn't to far away