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MRichards18 t1_ja2zyv3 wrote

Considering there are fuck loads of microplastics in your tap water, no tap water is probably GOOD to drink, but this is america where corporations rule and you get to slowly die from their greed.


ThatWasTheJawn t1_ja32b6z wrote

You can get filters. The Brita Long Last filters out most micro plastics.


stonkautist69 t1_ja3fqj9 wrote

Don’t worry the future will be better corporations will have solutions for the problems they have created, to buy of course unless you want ads on your rx script you can select that option as well


ktappe t1_ja523d7 wrote

You can't paint all tap water with a broad brush like this.


oramirite t1_ja3hhj5 wrote

This wasn't the question .. we all know shit is bad, but his question wasn't "is shit bad?" it was wether or not the Ohio crash made this water quality much WORSE than already.


mbz321 t1_ja5v1oj wrote

bottled water is less regulated than tap tho.