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PM_me_ab_ur_landlord t1_ja39za5 wrote

Okay! Have fun with your shitty, racist sub. Glad the actual city of Philadelphia is nothing like this subreddit.


sugr_magnolia t1_ja3iphi wrote

If you see racist content, please report it so that we can respond accordingly. We can't be in every thread at times.


oramirite t1_ja3hp73 wrote

How do you not realize that this would probably create editorialized headlines that are also racist?


31November t1_ja4axw0 wrote

Damn, you switched tone fast.

EDIT: This is a great example of how somebody can be saying things that make sense, but then the person themself is unlikeable, so people turn on them.


PM_me_ab_ur_landlord t1_ja4ep72 wrote

Mods don’t read mod mail so you gotta get through to them how you can ¯\(ツ)


sugr_magnolia t1_ja4ipfn wrote

You've never sent a message to mod mail


PM_me_ab_ur_landlord t1_ja4j6hl wrote

Because one is only allowed to have one account?

Go deal with all the dog whistles about “culture” and “good families” under the hundreds of crime threads, stop wasting your time snapping back at me with some half-thought out response.


31November t1_ja4fksa wrote

No I totally get that, but it's just the tone switch turns off people to your point.