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sapphicpisces t1_j7fvq1i wrote

Hello! My partner and I are looking at Philly as a potential city to relocate to later this year. What can you tell me about your beautiful city? We plan on renting for a few more years and do plan to have kids, so a safe, family friendly neighborhood with good schools is a must! But tell me all there is to know!


demography_llama t1_j7fxzmg wrote

You'll get responses if you give us more information. Budget? Job location? Good schools usually means you'll be looking outside of the city.


sapphicpisces t1_j7fyzy0 wrote

Unsure of job location at this time and budget is flexible. We are just trying to get more information on neighborhoods to see if it would even be a good place for us to move to.


UndercoverPhilly t1_j7g0tgs wrote

Public schools in general are terrible in Philly, with a few exceptions. I would not recommend families with children moving into the city itself unless they can afford private school tuition on top of housing costs which can be high in the safest neighborhoods. (Although cheaper than other cities like DC, NYC, SF, Boston)


sapphicpisces t1_j7g108z wrote

Very good to know! Are there any areas outside of the city that you would recommend I look into?


99centstalepretzel t1_j7g40re wrote

Unlike other cities, there is no such thing as a "bad" neighborhood in Philly; rather, it's more on a block-by-block basis. Like other commenters said, you'll need to give more concrete information like job, budget, introvert/extrovert, etc?


Motor-Juice-6648 t1_j7kjqse wrote

You wouldn’t consider Nicetown or Strawberry Mansion “bad”neighborhoods? I’m not saying tall the people who live there are bad, that’s not true but they are considered dangerous.


sapphicpisces t1_j7gkldq wrote

Oh, interesting! That’s good to know, thank you. Still flexible on budget but thinking around 1600 for rent. We work in tech/education/social services type of careers. Extroverted and would love to be close to an area where there are other people in their 20s/early 30s. Or at least find out the best way to meet new people in the area


SubjectMindless t1_j7hbhva wrote

I recently signed a lease to move to Philly so have done a lot of research as an outsider. Go to google and search best neighborhoods in Philly. A lot of lists will rate affordability, night life, parks, crime, etc.

Philly is MUCH more affordable than DC or NYC, so if your budget is flexible, you can find a good spot. My partner and I are moving to Fishtown. You can get three bedroom/2 bathrooms there for $2,700+. Parking sucks thought.

Based on Google people also like northern liberties, queens village, fitler square, Fairmount. I’m sure I’m missing stuff, but google and then cross reference here for the local’s view


Glystopher t1_j7i21pz wrote

$2700 is $900 per person, that’s not really affordable… or do I need to just make more? (Easier said than done)


SubjectMindless t1_j7i3drl wrote

Was replying to the person who said their budget was flexible. Certainly wasn’t meaning that $2,700 was cheap…but it is much more affordable than NYC and DC.


Glystopher t1_j7j4w4u wrote

…and I can’t afford another city, but if I’m going to another city, then it’s coming with another job anyways I guess


Arkhikernc t1_j7g1vzr wrote

Search the old posts. There are dozens giving info on neighborhood's rent, lifestyle, public transit, parking, etc. I also followed a lot of local businesses on Instagram and facebook for a few months before moving here. Gave me great information on local happenings.


TheBSQ t1_j7j4doj wrote

There’s some variables. Do you mean in the city proper? Or are you considering suburbs too? Are you open to private schools? Do you want a walkable dense city environment, or space/yard?