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saintofhate t1_j9out8x wrote

Are EMTs not required to learn anything? Like in what world would an oxygen level being that low be okay and if your equipment is that supposedly faulty wouldn't you cover your ass and take the person. Also fuck that EMT who's like "I got a family", how many cases did that fuck face mess up.


PurpleWhiteOut t1_j9pj5y6 wrote

It's about 240 hours of education+ hs diploma, so it's not great. There's a perpetual shortage and no one with a degree in medicine would want to do it so here we are


CreditBuilding205 t1_j9pde54 wrote

In January 2021 EMT companies were almost certainly taking basically anyone willing.

It was a dangerous and low paying job that is both physically and emotionally draining. I doubt you were signing up.


saintofhate t1_j9pe9s9 wrote

Taking anyone willing to work with no training or education is much just as if not more dangerous than having no one on the job.


failedabortion4444 t1_j9w9h1y wrote

they didn’t even send EMTs out. the people that showed up after her 911 call weren’t qualified to administer an IV😵‍💫