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internet_friends t1_j9l3ib2 wrote

I was just reading their page earlier today on all the mayoral candidates. They have a paragraph or so for each candidate, and a full sentence of the paragraph is about the vibe that candidate gives off. I'm gen z but this doesn't appeal to me, please give me a better breakdown of what the candidates have and haven't accomplished in their previous roles and what policies they're interested in putting in place if they become mayor


ADFC t1_j9lcqug wrote

Philadelphia citizen has done some solid coverage for the mayoral race if you haven’t had the chance to check out their page.


Barmelo_Xanthony t1_j9l7jai wrote

It seems like they went downhill drastically very recently. I was a paying subscriber to them for a long time and thought they were by far the best coverage of the city but just recently cancelled.