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Knightwing1047 t1_j9h4vx2 wrote

Bruh, I’m from North Jersey originally, been here for 4 years… I still have yet to find any pizza here that REMOTELY tastes as good as a true NY/North NJ slice.


_heisenberg__ t1_j9h5fno wrote

Dude I’ve given up on it. I’ve just accepted it’s not a thing here. Closest I found is this place in manayunk called Pizzeria l’angolo. Their plain slice is sort of close, as long as you go in knowing it’s not going to the be the same.


Knightwing1047 t1_j9h6ms5 wrote

Like don’t get me wrong, I found a good pizza place. Ani’s has decent pizza and great wings, but like you said, don’t expect it to be the same. Apparently someone doesn’t like us trash talking the shit pizza here. That’s ok though, I’ve supplemented with cheesesteaks and pretzels hahaha now those are good here


_heisenberg__ t1_j9h7g77 wrote

Happens every time I bring up the pizza thing too, I’m used to it at this. Idk how else to convey to people “it doesn’t taste like pizza I grew up with ≠ an insult to you or the city. I just don’t like it” but whatever lol.

Agree on the cheesesteaks though, shit is good. I’m definitely adding Ani’s to the list, I haven’t heard of that place.


TumblingDice82 t1_j9jwia7 wrote

Yep! L'angolo is legitimately great. Their grandma pies are also very good.

I haven't tried Pizza Jawn simply because all of the photos I have seen of their food look gratuitous. Maybe it's something I'd want to eat while hammered at 3 a.m., but those days are long in my past.


PHL852 t1_j9zh172 wrote

Agenlo’s and Pizzatta are good if not their own styles. Paulie Gee’s is also good and closest to a NY classic pie. Pizza Jawn was terrible last time I tried it.