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Ng3me OP t1_ja39s0b wrote

This is a nearby neighbor. They’ve been putting kitty litter or sand down for a few weeks. I just thought it was weird. Today I could smell what may be oil so I looked closer. Is this an oil leak? Should I cal 911?


ScienceWasLove t1_ja3f0xg wrote

It’s heating oil probably. Probably overfilled by the heating oil company. It is essentially diesel fuel. Don’t call 911.


jamin_g t1_ja3ju33 wrote

Of all the things the police should respond to, this is not one of them.


Ng3me OP t1_ja3ojsd wrote

Fire department. People have entirely lost their minds and forgotten what 911 is.


Richardthisisyerdad t1_ja86bqd wrote

The oilman just was messy. If the tank was over filled, oil would literally be everywhere, including the home owners basement.


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Dryheavemorning t1_ja3bvge wrote

Bunch of old row homes use heating oil. I almost bought one.


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AnotherUser297 t1_ja3cr9k wrote

It’s not dangerous in terms of flammability (you could throw a match into a barrel of oil and it will go out), but it is terrible if it’s contaminating the ground and getting into water systems.


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scotty269 t1_ja3ddcb wrote

Calling 911 on this would lead to the fire department coming out to address, not the police.