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MacKelvey t1_ja6qy4d wrote

I may not love the cheesesteaks but I do appreciate the aesthetic.


nayrb1523 t1_ja7gyrv wrote

Cheesesteak Vegas


gobirds1182 t1_ja8eq9f wrote

My only memory of Genos is going there, looking at their “speak American” sign, then placing an order in English and then then fucking up the order


SClub909 t1_ja8358p wrote

People will complain about these cheesesteaks then go get a Dalessandro's dry as fuck steak and feel hip and cool.

Actually a bunch of places that are considered good on here that are just meat loaded bread that are dry as hell.

*Not saying Geno or Pat are the best but def serviceable (They aint dry bricks of meat)


ParallelPeterParker t1_ja8foe7 wrote

>Not saying Geno or Pat are the best but def serviceable

not enough people admit this. 24 hrs, relatively central location and the steak is fine.


CattlemensSteakhouse t1_ja88mph wrote

Hot take: Pat’s is serviceable if you’re out late or need food in your stomach after the bars close. Not to be snobby, but Geno’s is just not good at all.


smug_masshole t1_ja8mn5l wrote

Lukewarm take: The steak-to-cheese ratio at Dalessandro's makes for a near-inedible brick with provolone, but is excellent if you get American cheese and some toppings.


yourfriendkyle t1_ja935eu wrote

Dry steaks are a travesty. Joes on Girard is the same. What a bad sandwich.


SClub909 t1_ja987rc wrote

Joes depends who cooking. Maybe like a 50/50 split.

Better chance mid day to get a pretty good one.

Other times its sad whimpy job.


ericds1214 t1_ja9are0 wrote

Exactly this. The steaks I've had there have ranged from like a 2/10 to 7/10. Can be good, but not reliably.


yourfriendkyle t1_ja9fttl wrote

I’ve gone Friday night and figured I’d give em another chance for lunch. Both dry. No bigs there are other good spots


Ajaws24142822 t1_ja93br2 wrote

Dry as fuck? Dalessandros was pretty good when I had it for the first time, better than Pats and Genos hands down

Can’t say about Jim’s south street though since it burned down a week after I moved here and never got to try it


SClub909 t1_ja98apx wrote

Dalessandros was better a while ago.

Pretty bad now.


Gunofanevilson t1_ja808ka wrote

Genos is the worst of them. End rant.


GeekyMoore t1_jaan43q wrote

Truest definition of peacocking. All that flare to masquerade their god awful cheesesteaks & racism.


carlosnelson_ t1_ja92d1r wrote

I call Geno's, Pats, & Dalessandro's tourist steaks & that's not to say they aren't good but these are establishments that are promoted for out of towners. One late night after heavy drinking a friend & I decided to get one sandwich from Geno's & Pat's & split it & Pat's blew Geno's out the water easily!!!


Ajaws24142822 t1_ja93mni wrote

When I first moved here everyone talked about Jim’s south street and Max’s.

I already knew pats and genos were tourist stuff, but honestly they weren’t terrible.

Dallessandros was honestly pretty damn good, if there are better places PLEASE tell me because if they are way better I’ll go there


dingosongo t1_jaa0wsi wrote

Angelos and Riccis are close by and much better, of course more expensive too. I always liked Ishkabibble's chicken cheesesteak although I haven't had it in like 10yrs. Roast pork sandwich >>>> cheesesteak IMO so I'm maybe not the best judge.


borensm27 t1_jaa3mob wrote

Big Angelo’s fan. But I think I like their Italian hoagie even better than the cheesesteak. But both are winners. Also a big fan of John’s Roast Pork!


CerealJello t1_ja7r09z wrote

If you're ever walking home after a night of heavy drinking and you end up near this intersection, you can look at that neon cheesesteak to induce vomiting. You might feel a little better in the morning.


Phl_worldwide t1_ja7mstr wrote

The city should close the block and make it a pedestrian area. Build a parking garage on the corner for people to park. Use the parking garage revenue to fund street cleaning


[deleted] t1_ja7p7cg wrote



Phl_worldwide t1_ja7q24y wrote

Corner of 9th and Federal on a piece of the park.

What’s “bananas” is how we treat one of our most popular tourist spots as an after thought where it’s dangerous to just cross the street as people run through the stop signs and park over the crosswalks


alittlemouth t1_ja7r0i7 wrote

I'm all about pedestrianizing east passyunk, but the part of Capitolo at the corner of 9th and Federal is currently a well-used kid's playground. Beyond that heading towards 10th is a recently renovated/updated soccer pitch, and beyond that is the community garden. Heading towards Wharton is the basketball courts, which are heavily used. Which of these gathering spaces for our community do you recommend we get rid of so that tourists can park their fucking cars?

Make "Walk East Passyunk!" a thing, recommend people park at Constitution Health Plaza and walk down the Ave starting at Broad. Getting rid of greenspace and public park space for a parking garage sort of defeats the purpose of making a street car-free.


[deleted] t1_ja7qug9 wrote



Phl_worldwide t1_ja7r7c3 wrote

Ah yes, a park that stays locked for over 6 months out of the year that has more than enough room to fit a garage. But sure, it’s not surprising that Philly people very content with their dangerous trash pit of a city. Why should the city look nice or be safer?


[deleted] t1_ja7s8mz wrote



Phl_worldwide t1_ja7t9v8 wrote

Lmao. I have lived in the city probably decades longer than you. Probably picked up more trash than you ever will. And probably heard more negative reviews of Philly than you have. But sure cool guy, defend an embarrassment like your life depends on it.


[deleted] t1_ja7ua37 wrote



Phl_worldwide t1_ja7uyvq wrote

buddy, the italian market and pats/genos isn't half as vibrant as it should be because it's clogged with illegal parking and traffic all day. If you had any sense of what an actual vibrant urban neighborhood was like, you would understand that getting people out of their cars and on foot is essential. Just say the truth, it doesn't bother you that it's not nice and your content with it. More than a few people visit those places and go "what the hell? this place is a dump"


alittlemouth t1_ja7wlj3 wrote

There’s no way you’ve been in philly for decades if you truly think adding a paid parking garage will prevent people from driving and parking like assholes.


CattlemensSteakhouse t1_ja883ix wrote

I disagree with the parking garage idea, but they totally should close that intersection. It’s a fucking nightmare to walk across. People park in the crosswalk, by fire hydrants, or on the points of Pat’s and Geno’s, making it almost impossible for drivers to see pedestrians. I’ve come within a foot or two of getting hit multiple times there and drivers act like I’m the asshole for walking on the striped crosswalk. Additionally, when the weather gets nicer, those psychopaths on trikes, motorcycle, and gators come by acting like macho assholes and blasting their music as loud as they fucking can at 3 AM.


Phl_worldwide t1_ja88w1z wrote

I agree. I was just trying to think of a practical solution to the problem


benjaminpoole t1_ja8a958 wrote

The only place I can imagine a parking garage making sense would be at the former police car depot at 11th & Reed, which I believe is being turned into a grocery store instead. I do think closing E Passyunk to cars would be very nice though.