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Jlaybythebay t1_ja8h9v9 wrote

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner that that sidewalk is in front of, not the city’s


Little_Noodles t1_ja8llpa wrote

And whose job is it to make sure that property owners are maintaining sidewalks and sidewalk access ?


DuvalHeart t1_ja926le wrote

This isn't about maintenance, it's about construction projects closing sidewalks and not providing a safe alternative.

That said, PA should really change that law, because it's a stupid anti-pedestrian law. Local government should be responsible for all public right-of-ways, whether they're for motor vehicles or pedestrians.


saintofhate t1_ja8ml0v wrote

No shit. I can make my sidewalk fine but my neighbors don't bother and have literal holes in their crumbling ones that the city does nothing to make them fix.


Jlaybythebay t1_ja8ngeb wrote

Go trip on it, you can secure a nice payday


saintofhate t1_ja8us2c wrote

Anything I got would be eaten by the medical costs. So not only would I be in more pain, I'd have to deal with insurance and have neighbors who hate me.


Jlaybythebay t1_ja8xojv wrote

That’s what an attorney is for.


saintofhate t1_ja91goe wrote

I'm speaking from experience. My mum got into a major car accident 10 years ago, she got $600 after the medical bills were settled because Medicaid / Medicare did not cover her health care due to the lawsuit. And on top of that I had to fight with Medicare for the next 3 years to cover problems related to that accident that popped up.


ezen9925 t1_jaagl1x wrote

Ah so when PGW drove over the sidewalks and curbs on my block with an excavator, it’s my responsibility to repair them. That’s why they never came back to fix them.