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kilometr t1_ja8tec3 wrote

All Kenney did really was get rid of people parking on the sidewalk around city hall.

I think a really easy solution would be to remove the ticket requirement for towing cars on the sidewalk. I think if they loosened it to covering cars blocking ramps and other requirements like they used to tow companies may take advantage and go back to their scummy ways. But parking on the sidewalk is so cut and dry and think removing the ticket requirement would be an easy fix.


TheTwoOneFive t1_ja9358k wrote

I don't think they should have ever put in the ticket requirement for tow companies, but instead start charging them with crimes if caught faking a reason to tow a car (e.g. moving it to a towable spot, the tow truck driver who hid the sign at Broad & Ellsworth construction to tow a car that was then parked there, etc).

Charge a tow truck driver who does a purposely bad tow with grand theft auto and the tow company with extortion (forcing someone to pay if they want their illegally towed car back), and you'll see bad tows evaporate.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_jaalxoi wrote

The irony of the tow truck issue is that we got the ticket requirement solely because Johnny Doc got his car towed by a Lew Blum truck and decided to tell Bobby Henon to destroy the industry.

Now I don’t really have any sympathy for the tow companies because they are such bad actors. but that legislation was built out of personal animus and not to help fix much if anything


cerialthriller t1_ja8v4jr wrote

And people putting trees on sidewalks that are too small. My mother in law can’t even fit her walker between the trees and porches on her block and the city won’t make them move and remove the tree, she has to squeeze between cars and go into the street to get to the corner store