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pdperson t1_jad0uml wrote

I've never seen a notary read the document they're witnessing a signature to.


oliver_babish t1_jad5ovg wrote

Yeah, does the notarization need to be in Chinese or is it just that the document is? Because all the notary is doing is affirming that the the signer presented valid ID and signed the document in front of the notary.


fyreflake OP t1_jad97hu wrote

From what I've read online, they don't need to read the documents and can notarize documents in a foreign language, but they reserve the right to not notarize docs if they have concerns about the documents being misrepresented? None of my banks are willing to notarize the documents and a few local notaries I called also said the same. My sister also had to find a Chinese notary service in California.


pdperson t1_jadandy wrote

What if you try someplace less rules-y than a bank? Autotag or UPS store or something?


GoyoPollo1 t1_jaemzlw wrote

Sadly, I had this experience with French documents. UPS wouldn’t do it. Finally, my sisters bank would do it so I drove up there with her and had her. I was at my wits end until this person helped.


Aromat_Junkie t1_jadbsr4 wrote

maybe there is a chinese notary in chinatown or similar you can go to?