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oliver_babish t1_jaeyk0h wrote

Looking at the Baltimore menu and not impressed. Very crab/shellfish-centered with few fish entree options, and you have got to be fucking kidding me with $66 crab cakes. It looks like McCormick and Schmicks with an even narrower menu, and while the quality and M&S was really poor the last time I ate there, nothng about Loch's excites me. If I want shellfish I'm going to Sansom Street ten times out of ten.

Bring me the second coming of Striped Bass, a place which had a lot of high-quality entrees with fresh fish from all over the world, and barely any non-seafood options at all. That would excite me.


UnknownEerieHouse t1_jaf3xqw wrote

Hard pass, after checking the menu. I’m sticking with The Oyster House.


Toidal t1_jaf47rk wrote

Man for those prices could you imagine how many plastic bags of crawfish and spicy red liquid sodium you could get instead?


GreatWhiteRapper t1_jaf1t90 wrote

God that’s a bummer of a seafood menu. It lacks the pizzazz and creativity I love to see in seafood places. Maybe the food is going to be hella good but that all looks like basic steakhouse stuff. And the prices!! $48 for a lobster roll, damn.

I love the seafood restaurants that aren’t afraid to serve weird shit. Give us more of those. Skate wings and fish collars and the like.


Phl_worldwide t1_jaeb8si wrote

Nice! Philadelphia is a fantastic restaurant city but I do think there’s room for some more seafood-focused places


GooFoYouPal t1_jaeudwz wrote

There is, I just wish it was more like Snockey’s or Anastasi. Not $125 IG-ready seAfOoD TOweRs


pretzel_enjoyer t1_jaef8pz wrote

Damn, I was hoping it would be a Five Guys.


uptown_gargoyle t1_jaezmqp wrote

i DO NOT like seafood at all, but i kinda wish i did. people really seem enthusiastic about it


HistoricalSubject t1_jaf3zcx wrote

me too. i can do grilled seafood if its grilled right in front of me, but even then, only rarely (like i'll usually reach for a burger or a dog instead in these cases) and only the newbie stuff, like salmon (i am not exploratory in the least with cuisine from the sea. that said, i would LOVE to be a fisherman at some point in my life. the act of fishing is way more appealing to me than the act of eating the fish. go figure). otherwise, i just can't. its the smell. and maybe indoors makes it worse for me, so by grilling (since its usually done outdoors) that helps? i have no idea. i SHOULD like seafood. my parents did and i remember eating it as a kid, albeit infrequently (but liking it enough). my dad will often get it on the menu if we go out to eat (even if its not a seafood centric place, he just likes fish). but now as an adult, im usually just put off by it, probably much like people will be put off by this comment about seafood in a thread about a new seafood restaurant! oh well, there it is. i wish them luck in their business all the same