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oliver_babish t1_jaeyk0h wrote

Looking at the Baltimore menu and not impressed. Very crab/shellfish-centered with few fish entree options, and you have got to be fucking kidding me with $66 crab cakes. It looks like McCormick and Schmicks with an even narrower menu, and while the quality and M&S was really poor the last time I ate there, nothng about Loch's excites me. If I want shellfish I'm going to Sansom Street ten times out of ten.

Bring me the second coming of Striped Bass, a place which had a lot of high-quality entrees with fresh fish from all over the world, and barely any non-seafood options at all. That would excite me.


UnknownEerieHouse t1_jaf3xqw wrote

Hard pass, after checking the menu. I’m sticking with The Oyster House.


Toidal t1_jaf47rk wrote

Man for those prices could you imagine how many plastic bags of crawfish and spicy red liquid sodium you could get instead?


GreatWhiteRapper t1_jaf1t90 wrote

God that’s a bummer of a seafood menu. It lacks the pizzazz and creativity I love to see in seafood places. Maybe the food is going to be hella good but that all looks like basic steakhouse stuff. And the prices!! $48 for a lobster roll, damn.

I love the seafood restaurants that aren’t afraid to serve weird shit. Give us more of those. Skate wings and fish collars and the like.