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redfern54 t1_j93va9c wrote

Don’t mean to make light of the situation but how dumb can you be to do this across the street from a police station….


Ng3me t1_j93wce1 wrote

They sure catch ‘em fast when a cop is the victim. You and me, not so much.


failedabortion4444 t1_j94o0xu wrote

yup and this will make national news despite similar shit happening to residents every day of the week


BureaucraticHotboi t1_j949h1x wrote

They will never see daylight again. Such needless suffering for the officer and his family. If they surrender to him they would see numbers but now the whole book will be thrown at them.


go_berds t1_j9453be wrote

I saw a report say the shooter is still at large where did you hear this?


Phl_worldwide t1_j93qmbs wrote

There is a generation of people who feel like they can shoot and rob anyone at anytime because they don’t fear any consequences. God pray for Philadelphia because we need it

RIP young man. and let’s not let his murder be in vein. Never again can we allow this culture of killing fester into the societal cancer it has become


Nice_Razzmatazz9705 t1_j93s9q0 wrote

Suspect will 100 percent be caught. Philly needs some serious fixing. At this point the beatings and shootings are a game to these fools


Tigergasse1821 t1_j93rch6 wrote

Jeez I’m just a few blocks away and I can hear the sirens and helicopter now. Hopefully they catch this guy quickly


Blazingfireman t1_j93zd3k wrote

I lived around the corner on Bouvier up til 2018, idk why they thought to do anything next to police station


ElectricalMud2850 t1_j93talr wrote

I was wondering what this helicopter is circling about 10 blocks west of there. Suppose that's probably it.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_j949sd0 wrote

I remember living in north when that dude holed up in that house near broad and Erie and wounded like 6 cops. somehow they talked him out and didn’t dome him. The buzz of helicopters from that and then from 2020 had my brain scrambled


JerseyShoreMikesWay t1_j93ravl wrote

Also hearing it’s fatal. This fills me with such anger.


charl3magn3 t1_j93spzi wrote

I was waiting for the bus at 33rd and Cecil, I’m pretty sure I saw every cop on duty run through with lights and sirens on


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NonIdentifiableUser t1_j93xe3v wrote

Yep. Go check out recent threads about Temple and you’ll see people legitimately saying they’re a problem.


callalind t1_j94b0nz wrote

I mean, wasn't it Temple kids who flipped the car before the Super Bowl? Not saying Philly in general is in good shape, but apparently the Temple students aren't helping the issue.


floppydiscgolf t1_j94fnq6 wrote

They already said it's a black dude wearing all black and he ain't no temple student.


sandwichpepe t1_j93vuyt wrote

bro you think everyone that passes through the area lives there?


blazing_ent t1_j93v6ow wrote

Imagine calling an entire community dogshit...


penguinchange t1_j93vnzl wrote

he never said the entire community. Even if it was 20 percent of the community , it’s an issue


EnemyOfEloquence t1_j93rn8r wrote

Incredibly sad. Hope they find this fucker and throw away the key.


mikeygaw t1_j93rbmr wrote

Sounds like officers are in pursuit of the doer


hoochie_215 t1_j93tapm wrote

Citizens said it was an atrempted carjacking


dc122186 t1_j941atw wrote

Suspects robbed the 7-11 at 15th and CBM


I-take-beast-shits t1_j94qkge wrote

This is the fucking heart of temple’s campus. The 7-11 basically touches the liacouras center


tastycakebiker t1_j94w2en wrote

Temple is fucked. Gone to complete shit in a matter of years


cdcphl t1_j93w5uv wrote

Oh shit I was eating with friends in Chinatown. We had to walk that way to get back to our car & saw the wrecked cars with police and crime scene tape. Was wondering what happened, thanks for the info y’all.


veggie151 t1_j93r0a9 wrote

That would explain the absolute shitload of cops about


TheOGinBC t1_j942aeo wrote

With that description of the perp we’ll surely get him


moderately_random t1_j93u3oi wrote

I’m glad they got the suspects, but it would be nice if the cops could coalesce like this for the crimes that also happen against us regular citizens.


NikeSwish t1_j93uhq9 wrote

It’s a lot easier to get a suspect when cops are already at the incident vs a regular citizen being shot and having the response time before cops get to the scene


mikeygaw t1_j93s9bn wrote

Sounds like at least one in custody 12th & Spring Streets.


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sttme t1_j945f2q wrote

3 Puerto Ricans just killed 3 ppl and ran over their dead bodies in Mayfair but yea it’s always black males…


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Vague_Disclosure t1_j946mqo wrote

last year I saw data for was 2016, of the 330 people arrested for shootings 11 were white... 3.3%


sttme t1_j9467nd wrote

80 = “always” 🤔

I wonder what the race statistics would look like for crimes against children


Wolfwags t1_j946cvr wrote

Ah yes, attack semantics because you know you’re wrong.


tastycakebiker t1_j94vvh2 wrote

Hope this motherfucker who shot him never sees the light of day. Hope he rots


ShineAmazing3401 t1_j94i3xs wrote

The suspect was probably released from jail a few months ago for robbing/carjacking. Enough is enough with these criminal males. Round them up and throw them in prison.


CaptFantastico t1_j945g3c wrote

Damn they catch them really quick when its a cop victim.


delijoe t1_j94afam wrote

I'm assuming this was around 7-730? I was driving around North Broad and saw a whole ton of police activity. I knew something had gone down, I guess this was it.

At least they caught the killers.


BenjTheMaestro t1_j94t42q wrote

Interesting how quick they catch someone shooting a cop


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sandwichpepe t1_j93rjon wrote

not sure, i live in this general area and folks in the groupchats im in mentioned that


O3AMA t1_j93w962 wrote

Scanner said black male in custody after the chase. Not sure whats true but pieces of shit come in all colors.


sandwichpepe t1_j93wtij wrote

gotcha. there was lots of conflicting info online thats starting to resolve now