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cerialthriller t1_j9rp86w wrote

The one kid got like $10k bail as a repeat offender of armed robbery before he finally killed someone. It’s a joke


AbsentEmpire t1_j9rv9wm wrote

Bail fund organizations that bail out a repeat violent offender who goes on to murder someone should be open to a liability lawsuit from the victim's family.


OnionLegend t1_j9rwnuq wrote

Honestly, it should be a criminal offense.


cockytiel t1_j9s399d wrote

To post bail? So like you show up, post bail and get arrested?

I dunno, is a 14 year old that much of a flight risk? He'd have to live of being a criminal so he'd get picked up eventually. He hasn't been convicted yet.


cerialthriller t1_j9s4wcp wrote

They’re saying if you post bail for someone and they go and murder another person since you know they’re awaiting trial for already murdering someone


PhillyPanda t1_j9up6nf wrote

> I dunno, is a 14 year old that much of a flight risk?

Did they ever catch the first identified teen in the roxborough shooting?