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Unfamiliar_Word t1_ja0oxed wrote

I have preferred her among the likely or available candidates for quite a while. The principal causes for my attraction are that she has administrative experience in city government and has spent the last few years incisively scrutinizing it. It's a long distance from criticism to correction and I remain formally open to most comers, but I trust her more than I do anybody who has been on the City Council.

What's more she's come out in favor of the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway and framed it in opposition to KoPRail. So that just about cinches my vote.


Mcjibblies t1_ja101j2 wrote

… what has she done? Like, officially. Completed projects that she ran and completed.


BobanMarjonGo t1_ja115k4 wrote

She was an accountant in the city government - her life was auditing all those projects


Mcjibblies t1_ja15467 wrote

This isn’t a response to my question


willashman t1_ja15uu6 wrote

The answer they gave was the audits. You can find the analyses from the Office of the Controller here. Rhynhart was the Controller from January 1, 2018 to October 25, 2022, so just look through the reports from within those dates.


Mcjibblies t1_ja1nuar wrote

Have you read all/any of them?


willashman t1_ja1o9sa wrote

All? No.

Any? Yes.


Mcjibblies t1_ja2d5rq wrote

“What has she done?”…..”she managed the writing of some awesome senior class reports”…. “Did you read them?”….”some of them”


BobanMarjonGo t1_ja2st1q wrote

These responses are childish, weak minded, and based solely on technicalities because the little "gotcha" you tried to pull at the beginning was a total failure. Stop quadrupling down, this is clown behavior


Mcjibblies t1_ja2tcnn wrote

Just point me in the direction of her policy prescriptions


BobanMarjonGo t1_ja2tpld wrote

Dear Lord, google them yourself. People are still out trying to get signatures to be on the ballot.


Mcjibblies t1_ja2yp1j wrote

Now I’m interested in why people are going to such great lengths to defend this woman. A honest question in “what’s her policy” with legit zero responses, has gotten me thinking about this far more than I intended.

I need to hear about policy. Sorry for just asking questions.


ell0bo t1_ja2z1s7 wrote

I'm more impressed by the great lengths you're going to to attack her. This entire thread is filled with people trying to answer you and you not accepting the answer, and moving the goal posts. I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish, but I don't think you're accomplishing it.


Mcjibblies t1_ja31egz wrote

What….are…. Her…. Policy….. positions.

What….has….she…. Accomplished….legislatively.


ell0bo t1_ja3d6qh wrote

You might wanna look up some basic facts before you start asking things like what has she accomplished legislatively. Considering she's not a legislator, if she had some that'd be very impressive, or an impossible standard for you to hit on her for.

You might want to do a little research rather than mining a reddit comment thread for data. Doing this is fine if you have an iota of knowledge about which you are trying to ask questions.


Mcjibblies t1_ja5ylej wrote

I’ll answer for you. Her policy is more policing. How’s that sound to you?


phillyonly t1_ja39nnq wrote

I believe I agree with the point I think you're making ... we can't assume an auditor with good critiques will inherently be good at implementing policy... but you are not helping your cause by being deliberately obtuse:


Mcjibblies t1_ja3a3yc wrote

Honestly, I know. But those who will read to the end will come to this point and hopefully ask the same questions:

This is a pivotal point in the city with respect to systemic issues. Some communities may be permanently ruined. She may be the one to fix these problems. We all need to request policy prescriptions. Not plans. Like, let us vote on what you will do.


phillyonly t1_ja3bgsh wrote

I'm frankly surprised you responded in good faith here bc I suspected you were just trolling. I agree with your general sentiment above, but was having a hard time taking you seriously bc your questions seemed unserious.

So you may want to reconsider your method for making these points in this thread. Bc I'm not sure you're convincing anyone to ask these questions... I worry you may just be convincing people that anyone who doesn't like Rhynhart is the type of person who refuses to google things.


Mcjibblies t1_ja5zifj wrote

You’re right. This discussion probably would’ve gone much differently if we were all in person. I would’ve sounded clearer. I am sure most of the supposed supporters would’ve been far more overbearing than I.

But in this space, I think you’re right that I come off as a troll. The downvotes, whomever they are from, certainly assist in perpetrating the tone of my posts, however. I am not a troll, to be clear.

I just read her webpage and I all I can honestly see is more police. That makes me sad, honestly.


phillyonly t1_ja7ujn9 wrote

So maybe you were trying to encourage a Socratic-method type of critique. That would probably work better if there was some degree of trust among participants. But bc we're all internet strangers, it sounds like sea-lioning.

Your point about her website is a good one. I read about her police audit back when it came out... at the time, I was jazzed about the civilianization aspect bc I assumed it would mean fewer total police officers. But from the language on her website, that may have been a poor conclusion for me to reach. Haha I'm always just looking for scraps where I can find them :(


Mcjibblies t1_ja8ox55 wrote

And that’s the rub. It’s like a situation where you can ask “well, friend, explain to me her policy positions…” and then you get smashed with 30 downvotes…. Now, it essentially doesn’t matter what you say from then on out, you’re the troll.

I have gone down that rabbit hole a few times. And I’ll certainly do it again sometime.

Philly needs help. We need someone to push back on PD, Comcast, and the universities. These agencies and institutions have overall impact on the wellbeing of the city. We need her, if it’s her, to work on these things. Gun violence happens as a result of systemic issues. It’s a problem, but not to some of the residents. More cops means in 15 years, we have the same issues.

It’s just true…


cashonlyplz t1_ja33xjp wrote

You're insufferable, mate. Committee of 70 has all the information you're asking of, uh, redditors.


willashman t1_ja2tnzz wrote

Alright, who do you think is a better candidate and why?


Minia15 t1_ja39n9i wrote

Never seen such harsh criticism for someone doing their job successfully.

If you don’t believe her skills of identifying problems will help her solve the problems that is fair, but you’re diminishing her work. She did her job well.


Mcjibblies t1_ja3a9vx wrote

Well…. Part of what’s necessary in implementing a plan is data, I’ll agree. You also need doers. Is she a doer is my question.


Master_Winchester t1_ja1sylz wrote

Her audit of the police was a major source and influence on the Inquirers exposé on the police; namely those who were too hurt to patrol, but able bodied enough to work a second job.


Mcjibblies t1_ja2cpxp wrote

Their budget has gone up or down since then?


TheTwoOneFive t1_ja2ojsn wrote

Controller writes the audits, Mayor/council are the ones who theoretically enforce them. Her running for mayor means she can put them into action.

Important question: Since you are slamming her so much, it sounds like you have a favored candidate who has made a major impact in Philly's government. Which candidate do you support?


Mcjibblies t1_ja2r89p wrote

“Slamming”. No. I’m just wondering what she’s done to have people defending her so fervently. Help me find something to make me get on board besides the fact that she’s compiled data


TheTwoOneFive t1_ja2typd wrote

She has done more as City Controller than any person I've seen as long as I've lived in Philly - auditing both the PPA and PPD, among other things. She's not just compiling data, but also doing a detailed analysis as well and making recommendations as to how to fix issues. Plenty of recommendations on her reports, but a controller can only make recommendations, It's up to Council and the Mayor to go enforce them.

She knows where the issues are, and Philly needs someone to go and fix a lot of the bullshit that's come out from political stagnation the past decade. The mayor's office seems to be running on autopilot due to a leader who checked out a couple years ago and everyone in Council seems way too busy handing out honorariums (seriously, a large majority of what they do during their main Thursday meetings are honorariums) to actually do anything meaningful.

I don't believe she's perfect, but I haven't seen any other candidate running for mayor who I would consider as much as her. Every councilperson seems to have been twiddling their thumbs the last few years and suddenly want to save and make changes, and my biggest worry with Jeff Brown is that he will burn as much political capital trying to kill the soda tax as Kenny did trying to implement it. (And a big reason why I think so little has been done the last few years).

If you have another candidate I should be looking at, let me know. Otherwise, I'm ready to vote for Rhynhart


Mcjibblies t1_ja33f9z wrote

The soda tax issue would be an opportunity for potential policy. She said “we will look at it”.

That’s all I’m talking about, seriously. Give me one thing where she says she will do more than evaluate things.


TheTwoOneFive t1_ja33mit wrote


Mcjibblies t1_ja36lsq wrote

Thank you.

Diversionary programs, re-evaluate the cases for guns and disorderly conduct, and train/expand the police department.

Did I get that right?


TheTwoOneFive t1_ja37pgr wrote

There is a lot more in there including better reviews of injured officers, removing officers from civilian roles, working with DA to increase prosecution of illegal gun cases, community-first policing, etc.

You're clearly just trolling. Done talking with you unless you can make a case for why another candidate is better than Rhynhart.


Mcjibblies t1_ja3bq94 wrote

No critiques unless there is a better candidate is how you feel?


sugr_magnolia t1_ja3er0f wrote

Chill or you will be banned for trolling.

There are appropriate ways to encourage a discussion. You're borderline attacking other users.


Mcjibblies t1_ja5xyyt wrote

I think I’ve been pretty clear, I just want to see policy. Downvotes to drown out your perspective don’t count as an attack either I suppose. But, I want to keep my flair and I respect you guys and the sub. I’m done.


ell0bo t1_ja2yoxm wrote

Have you read any of them? Or just playing the hater for some reason?


Mcjibblies t1_ja31nbe wrote

Going through them now. And can I tell you, there’s just raw data and reports.


ell0bo t1_ja45p78 wrote

I'm sorry you might need to think and can't be told what to do think.


Mcjibblies t1_ja5xis6 wrote

It’s not about what I think. It’s about what she intends to do. If you e seen a substantive plan, please show me


shnoogle111 t1_ja0avce wrote

I hope she wins. It would be nice to have a functioning adult in local government.


lordredsnake t1_ja671x2 wrote

I was in her corner for a while, but after talking to people with insight into how her office was run, seeing her pay corrupt John Street for an endorsement, and watching her disappointing Philadelphia Citizen interview, I'm looking for a next best choice. I'm just not convinced who that might be yet.

She came to the interview unprepared and just repeated platitudes about how amazing the city is and her job as Mayor as being enthusiastic and getting people to work together. It was totally devoid of specifics even though Nutter, her former boss, was pretty easy on her.


DoctorRieux t1_ja989tk wrote

Ah, that is disappointing to hear. I still support her, but I hope she can get it together to run a successful campaign and deliver on her promises.


lordredsnake t1_ja9i7wc wrote

The reality is, this is still Philadelphia, and politics is politics, so we're not going to get a perfect candidate, even with this wide open field. But I think she came out swinging with a very high standard and she might have a hard time living up to that during the campaign unless she really steps up her debate/interview prep and retail politics. She's essentially been running for mayor ever since she took office as Controller, so she should really be on better footing at this point in time.


irpeach9 t1_ja0fplx wrote

I want an accountability mayor. I think she will get no help from the machine. Hopefully, she will do more infographics to relate information to the masses.


FMG1978 t1_ja0h24w wrote

You don't know how the machine works do you?


irpeach9 t1_ja10kmv wrote

I'm unsure what you are asking. Are you saying she will get support from the structure that is already in place? Or that the machine likes accountability?


FMG1978 t1_ja1g3lf wrote

She is the machine


irpeach9 t1_ja1i2mg wrote

So she will receive support from the Philadelphia democratic machine? I would like that. I want her to win.


HobbyPlodder t1_ja62c1y wrote

That would be Christy Brady. Nepo baby of both sides of the political machine in Philly.


nalgene_wilder t1_ja0jdn6 wrote

...the first woman


RoverTheMonster t1_ja0q425 wrote

Ya wtf is this headline? And there are other women in the field too


nalgene_wilder t1_ja0wojd wrote

They even use "female" correctly in the article! Like who decided on this?


G1naaa t1_ja1uams wrote

Hahaaa I was looking for this comment. So weirdd


WhyNotKenGaburo t1_ja12zle wrote

I'll preface this by acknowledging that I've only lived here for a short time. That being said, I haven't been impressed at all with the local government of Philadelphia from the city council up to the mayor. To me, Rhynhart is a good strong push in the right direction. She seems to be the most holistic of the possible candidates. She has not only identified the problems facing the City, admittedly not a difficult task, but seems to have put some thought into what can, and should, be done about them. Rhynhart strikes me as a thoughtful technician who has strong ideas about how to best use the limited resources of the City, something I can't say about the others. Most can't seem to put together a basic websites that clearly articulates their policies, let alone provide details on how these policies might be implemented.


Saint_2022 OP t1_ja4gimq wrote

Thank god for Rebecca, she was also the whistleblower for the missing money at city hall


diatriose t1_j9zud2h wrote

She's got my vote


Mcjibblies t1_ja2gbgh wrote

Just read the article and look at the policy prescriptions, or, lack there of.

Might be a sign of the times in politics that we can’t get anyone to stand up and say “we need more tax revenue from our giants” or “the police budget shouldn’t be the largest expenditure in the city if we have 500 shootings a year” or “let’s highlight the impact of the nonprofits not paying taxes” or “perhaps a soda tax supposed to generate money for childcare, half that money shouldn’t just be put back into the general fund” or “F the PPA”.

There’s No policy prescriptions anymore. It’s all “let’s evaluate….” Type stuff. We are selecting the best evaluator, I suppose. We need doers though, peeps.


datruesurfer t1_ja61zoi wrote

Yep, I reached out to her campaign twice to ask a simple question about a vacancy in the mayors cabinet and her plans to nominate someone if elected. Stonewalled both times. Asked Jeff Brown's campaign the same question and quickly got an answer back on how he plans to fill the leadership positions at the top and many other positions at city hall. Unless something major happens between now and May 16th I am voting for Jeff Brown in the primary.


dotcom-jillionaire t1_ja7jful wrote

what did the brown campaign say?


datruesurfer t1_ja9dbp6 wrote

"The city has an incredible number employee vacancies at all departments and levels of government, it’s estimated to be 5,000 open positions. If I become mayor I plan to hire for all open leadership posts than have a major hiring effort to fill our other vacancies. I also plan to work on changing the workplace culture to be a more particle experience for the city’s workers. This city has a lot of issues, I’m well aware of most of them and plan to be very responsive to fix our major problems."

It may be a vague answer but at least they bothered to respond. Make no mistake, I'm not thrilled about voting for a businessman with no government experience. But I find almost all the other candidates for mayor to be absolutely repulsive.

I'll vote for Rebecca in the general election if nominated in the primary. If any of the other six candidates win I will probably write someone in/vote 3rd party. All Philadelphians deserve better.


karenmcgrane t1_ja0ozjd wrote

I spent like 20 minutes taking a mayoral election phone survey yesterday specifically so I could say I’m voting for her


danstecz t1_ja1fdr9 wrote

Ha! I think I got the same survey. I usually don't pick up but this was from my home area code (732) and when she started her introduction, I was like I'll do it, whatever.


karenmcgrane t1_ja1gf1i wrote

The survey was SO LONG and I felt really bad for the low-wage worker on the other end of it. I was on the phone forever and the call eventually dropped.


SnooOwls7978 t1_ja0kwme wrote

I'll absolutely be voting for her. She has proven herself to actually care about the city and where funding goes. Please go vote!


Cobey1 t1_ja1glg3 wrote

She worked for Bear Stearns on wall st in 08 and was involved in the housing crisis in America, she was the budget director for Nutter who advocated for the privatization of PGW and closed 20+ public schools. No thanks


nalgene_wilder t1_ja2qcmw wrote

What was her involvement in these things?


Cobey1 t1_ja3kf3p wrote

She was the managing director at Bear Stearns on the credit derivatives desk and the budget director for Nutter… you don’t get more in the weeds than that. She oversaw the ‘overlending’ of credit for mortgages to people who couldn’t afford to take out those loans during the housing crisis in 08. It’s very frustrating that she’s pitching herself as this “out of government” candidate when in fact she has been involved in governmental decisions and policies for over 20 years, many in which negatively impacted millions of Americans, caused tons of people to lose their homes, kids lost their schools, etc. She made a really weird video a month or 2 ago where she stood in front of Germantown HS advocating for schools like that to be open, it was her decision to close Germantown HS! You can’t make this stuff up


dotcom-jillionaire t1_ja7jvxx wrote

> She was the managing director at Bear Stearns on the credit derivatives desk... She oversaw the ‘overlending’ of credit for mortgages to people who couldn’t afford to take out those loans during the housing crisis in 08

so was she approving mortgages or managing credit derivatives? i think you're fundamentally misunderstanding both her job and the 2008 financial crisis here


Cobey1 t1_ja7p3ly wrote

I have built a career around representing retail investors. You ain’t going to gaslight me and tell me what the 2008 financial crisis was hahaha


dotcom-jillionaire t1_ja87jj4 wrote

if you want to be more specific about how rhynhart contributed to and made decisions that ultimately created the 2008 financial crisis then by all means.

otherwise, when i read a word salad of accusations with no evidence, i remain unconvinced and get the sense there's an axe grinding in the distance.


Cobey1 t1_ja8m9gv wrote

I can’t get you any closer to the water hole than that. Research what a managing director does and how they oversee operations, implement policies and functions. Research what a budget director does under a Mayor’s administration. Google rhynhart advocates for the privatization of PGW. Google Mayor Nutter admin and Rhynhart shut down several schools. This will all come up. Look into how many Americans lost their homes in 08, the people who committed suicide because of debt and foreclosures because of firms like Bear Stearns who over leveraged their debt by approving folks who couldn’t afford those loans in the first place. Her invovlememt as the managing director of credit derivatives is intrinsically linked to the debt defaults that occurred in 08. To act like she wasn’t involved/complicit in the 08 recession is ignorant. She wasn’t a 1st or 2nd year associate out of college getting people loans, she was their freaking managing director.


PBJdeath t1_jae26g0 wrote

Bear Stearns didn’t approve any mortgages. Did they encourage their mortgage-lending relationships to approve as many as possible so they could bundle them up and sell them off to investors? Yes. But the big banks were not mortgage lending institutions.

She was also “a” managing director not “the” managing director.

“Over leveraged their debt”?? leverage is debt.

I think you have a pretty big misunderstanding here about the role Bear Stearns played in the ‘08 crisis and moreover what role Rhynhart played. Sounds like she was just some regular middle management level player.


Cobey1 t1_jaeeu51 wrote

She along with every other manager, supervisor, CFO, CEO, COO should be in jail. They all have blood on their hands


cherrymoe t1_ja0kxfc wrote

The first female what? Cat?


inconspicuous_male t1_ja13gny wrote

Why is that ambiguous?


Vague_Disclosure t1_ja165ey wrote

It's not, the new thing to be mad about online is using female to describe a women, even if its in a normal non pejorative context.


PhillyPanda t1_ja1rll9 wrote

For journalistic style, it should say woman, but acting like we’re suddenly non human bc we’re described by our gender is weird. I’m both female and a woman (I prefer to be called female myself but I understand I’m in the minority). I’m not suddenly an animal tho and it’s weird that’s how that’s interpreted.


inconspicuous_male t1_ja19llc wrote

It's creepy if it's like "All the females on the dating apps reject me", but like... this is a headline


cherrymoe t1_ja32jgi wrote

Yes, it’s the ~HOT NEW THING~ for girlies!!!!!!!


ageofadzz t1_ja5y3po wrote

I’m voting for her


Darius_Banner t1_ja3dmbr wrote

Crew: Rebecca needs additional signatures to ensure her place on the ballot. Some of us will be in center city next weekend gathering them. If you see us please sign!


mrpeaceNunity t1_ja1paoy wrote

Jeff Brown has my vote. Provides benefits to workers Helps stop poverty Employed people who were incarcerated Has donated a lot to schools Helped the city first hand during covid


nalgene_wilder t1_ja2qhkr wrote

Provides benefits to workers? He doesn't even provide them a living wage


mrpeaceNunity t1_ja2r23i wrote

Hey pays close to $14 for checkout clerk. He provides health benefits for his workers He is endorsed by the largest municipal union in Philadelphia


StonedAtWorkAccount t1_ja7yrg4 wrote

Seriously though, how much are you getting paid for all this pro Jeff Brown content?


Probability-Bot t1_ja18wpv wrote

I think if you spent any time in this sub you probably know. Reddit is really good about promoting their candidate and getting their name out.


mrpeaceNunity t1_ja1p1t0 wrote

She isn't from the average working class people

She is like Allen Domb... Way above in the clouds...


mikebailey t1_ja1tq9l wrote

Politicians generally aren’t, it matters more who they’re prepared to serve though


mrpeaceNunity t1_ja1ujnw wrote

Philadelphians want political leaders who are from the masses. We have 25% poverty level.

Couple of good examples: Kendra Brooks Jamie Gauthier

I don't like Rebecca for mayor. She is good as a controller but not as a mayor. I don't see her bringing unity or as someone who can identify with Philadelphians.

Again I like Jeff Brown and I also like Maria. But I lean towards Jeff.


[deleted] t1_ja1wjte wrote



mrpeaceNunity t1_ja2qvpi wrote

In a city with 25% poverty I think someone who has practical experience with providing jobs and food is a good choice.


nalgene_wilder t1_ja2rnj8 wrote

Is the mayor in charge of a soup kitchen or something?


mrpeaceNunity t1_ja2s2ni wrote

For the amount of poor people we have in this city and kids who go hungry we need to some poverty first.

This city won't improve and compete unless we tackle poverty head on.

Rebecca has no track record of tackling poverty. She is disconnected and out of touch.


[deleted] t1_ja1dp9a wrote



JustinMagill t1_ja1eaj0 wrote

Most logical people care about a candidates politics not what genitals they have.


[deleted] t1_ja1enoa wrote



magicmurph t1_ja1slx6 wrote

Identity politics is intellectual bankruptcy (with a healthy dose of bigotry).


JustinMagill t1_ja2rn7n wrote

That is a incredibly sexist thing to say. Because she is a woman she has to act a certain way?