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Mcjibblies t1_ja31egz wrote

What….are…. Her…. Policy….. positions.

What….has….she…. Accomplished….legislatively.


ell0bo t1_ja3d6qh wrote

You might wanna look up some basic facts before you start asking things like what has she accomplished legislatively. Considering she's not a legislator, if she had some that'd be very impressive, or an impossible standard for you to hit on her for.

You might want to do a little research rather than mining a reddit comment thread for data. Doing this is fine if you have an iota of knowledge about which you are trying to ask questions.


Mcjibblies t1_ja5ylej wrote

I’ll answer for you. Her policy is more policing. How’s that sound to you?


phillyonly t1_ja39nnq wrote

I believe I agree with the point I think you're making ... we can't assume an auditor with good critiques will inherently be good at implementing policy... but you are not helping your cause by being deliberately obtuse:


Mcjibblies t1_ja3a3yc wrote

Honestly, I know. But those who will read to the end will come to this point and hopefully ask the same questions:

This is a pivotal point in the city with respect to systemic issues. Some communities may be permanently ruined. She may be the one to fix these problems. We all need to request policy prescriptions. Not plans. Like, let us vote on what you will do.


phillyonly t1_ja3bgsh wrote

I'm frankly surprised you responded in good faith here bc I suspected you were just trolling. I agree with your general sentiment above, but was having a hard time taking you seriously bc your questions seemed unserious.

So you may want to reconsider your method for making these points in this thread. Bc I'm not sure you're convincing anyone to ask these questions... I worry you may just be convincing people that anyone who doesn't like Rhynhart is the type of person who refuses to google things.


Mcjibblies t1_ja5zifj wrote

You’re right. This discussion probably would’ve gone much differently if we were all in person. I would’ve sounded clearer. I am sure most of the supposed supporters would’ve been far more overbearing than I.

But in this space, I think you’re right that I come off as a troll. The downvotes, whomever they are from, certainly assist in perpetrating the tone of my posts, however. I am not a troll, to be clear.

I just read her webpage and I all I can honestly see is more police. That makes me sad, honestly.


phillyonly t1_ja7ujn9 wrote

So maybe you were trying to encourage a Socratic-method type of critique. That would probably work better if there was some degree of trust among participants. But bc we're all internet strangers, it sounds like sea-lioning.

Your point about her website is a good one. I read about her police audit back when it came out... at the time, I was jazzed about the civilianization aspect bc I assumed it would mean fewer total police officers. But from the language on her website, that may have been a poor conclusion for me to reach. Haha I'm always just looking for scraps where I can find them :(


Mcjibblies t1_ja8ox55 wrote

And that’s the rub. It’s like a situation where you can ask “well, friend, explain to me her policy positions…” and then you get smashed with 30 downvotes…. Now, it essentially doesn’t matter what you say from then on out, you’re the troll.

I have gone down that rabbit hole a few times. And I’ll certainly do it again sometime.

Philly needs help. We need someone to push back on PD, Comcast, and the universities. These agencies and institutions have overall impact on the wellbeing of the city. We need her, if it’s her, to work on these things. Gun violence happens as a result of systemic issues. It’s a problem, but not to some of the residents. More cops means in 15 years, we have the same issues.

It’s just true…