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lapeirousia t1_j8toczo wrote

I live in South Philly, and I'm super excited to raise my kid(s) here! I'm due to have my first in a few weeks!

There are at least seven playgrounds within a 15-minute walk of my house, which is crazy. Not to mention there are two libraries, my child's pediatrician, and plenty of schools and daycares all within easy walking distance. It's so nice to be able to get around easily without a car, and I'm glad that my child (once they're old enough) won't need to be chauffeured around by me everywhere they go.

Also, all parents and parents-to-be (especially if they live in South Philly) should know about Lilypad Thrift. If you're preparing for a baby, you can buy almost everything you need there at very low prices. I got almost all my baby's clothes there... most items were $1-5 each. They also have regular playgroups for kids (you can go to unlimited playgroups for $100/year).


gpty24 t1_j8tvml3 wrote

Honestly I am in Point Breeze and trying to navigate with a stroller its a hassle. It is not an easy walking distance, short distance yes but easy no. Every trash day I hope it's raining so I have an excuse not to go out. Sidewalks are not stroller friendly, cars parked in ramps make it hard to go up and down the sidewalk (sleeping baby? Good luck) most of the time I go in a carrier because it's easier than the stroller. But all in all yes it is nice to have parks close by and lots of families to chat.

I guess all these issues relate to more than just a parent with a stroller they are city wide issues.


lapeirousia t1_j8u01tw wrote

Drivers who park on sidewalks and in crosswalks are selfish assholes. But I moved here from a city where literally half the streets didn't even have sidewalks, so I'm grateful that we at least have sidewalks here (and places to walk to), even if they're often obstructed!


NextTimeIllMeanIt t1_j8uce24 wrote

Ugh the stroller struggle is very real, but usually something temporary. I can tell you that on the other side of it, I am truly actively grateful for NOT having to push a stroller, and so that is at least the slim silver lining.


MagnusUnda t1_j8tseee wrote

All this, plus kids story hour at the Santore Library branch :)


tasker_morris t1_j8ub0gv wrote

You, Passyunk Square and EPX are probably the most kid friendly neighborhoods in the city that don’t cost a fortune. Also the Rec center is a wonderful resource—and they just installed a sprayground!


TheBSQ t1_j8vafdp wrote

Strollers make you much more aware of all the sidewalk and street issues you step over or walk around without realizing it.

Don’t get me wrong, the walkability is good, but strollers can be frustrating. I opted for a carrier in many situations.


murphysfriend t1_j8wb3yk wrote

So true! The only type of strollers that push well, on Philly sidewalks are; the type that have large like ATV or inflatable tires.