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TheBSQ t1_j8v96k6 wrote

It’s tiny, kinda dingy, and it’s hours make it basically unusable for anyone with a M-F 9-5 job.

That being said, I am very appreciate of tall they do with what they have. My family makes heavy use of it and the community is much better because of it.

But it’s not amazing.

I’d take pretty much any randomly chosen suburban library over it. And I know a lot of people in Fishtown who go to the one in Port Richmond because they prefer it.


diatriose t1_j8v9dl7 wrote

What an unkind sentiment. The librarians there work incredibly hard with practically no resources at their disposal. Sorry our libraries are underfunded.


ApathyInWool t1_j91tf4k wrote

The librarians at the Fishtown library are amazing. You can tell they’re doing their best, and it sucks they get basically no assistance from the city.


ApathyInWool t1_j91tb8e wrote

The Richmond library has an awesome kids section and they’re open a smidge later (7 I think). I love both. But we end up at the Richmond library a smidge more even though we live closer to the Fishtown library.