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porkchameleon t1_ja87nv2 wrote

Valid points. A few personal perspectives:

> have minimum balance requirements you have to meet in order to not pay a monthly fee

No problem there, didn't have to do it for a number of years.

> you get effectively no interest on your savings account

That's ass for sure; do other places offer much more?

> you have to pay for non-BoA ATM withdrawals,

Yeah, it's a pain, but I feel that $5 sting may be every 3 months or so at most.

> and you even have to pay for things like checks.

I don't actually use those. Their fee for cashier's check is beyond ridiculous: last time I had to get one it was $15 (up from $10, and they stopped doing money orders awhile ago), but those are very few and far between.

Savings account is probably the only thing I'd consider elsewhere (and should by the sound of it).

EDIT: holy shit, I was wasting money at BoA; Capital One savings it (likely) is. Thanks for heads up, fam! Your next PBR is on me*

*once that interest comes in.