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TheBSQ t1_j8jnct8 wrote

I lived in NYC for a long time in many neighborhoods in many Burroughs.

Please remember that Philly‘a crime and homicide rates are much higher than NYC and, and I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but living in Flatbush may not carry as much weight as you think.

That being said…

East Passyunk is popular. People like South Philly. There’s also the Gayborhood. I don’t know how those areaa are for your price point.

There’s a pretty good LGTBQ+ scene in West Philly, esp. around Clark Park.

In the more Fishtown adjacent areas, Port Richmond and Olde Kensington maybe places to consider.

But, even with your high threshold comment, know that if looking over there, as you get further away from Pt Richmond / Fishtown and move closer towards Kensington & Allegheny, you will experience more of the spillover effects of the opioid epidemic. More package thefts, car break-ins, encampments, squatters, dirty needles, calling 911 on someone suffering an overdose. Similarly, the experience on the El gets worse as you go up. I think generally, stay south of Lehigh, or, if north of Lehigh, east of Aramingo.


djmuaddib t1_j8jptyt wrote

I appreciate your saying so — I'm definitely aware that NYC, where say a violent crime rate is concerned, is actually one of the safest cities in the US and that Philly is a different beast. Wasn't trying to diminish gun violence as a problem there.

It's still not something I'm super concerned about, personally, as a factor guiding where I'll live. This is more to say that I don't automatically assume that a working-class neighborhood is "dangerous" because of broken windows, and my chances of getting murdered anywhere outside of Kandahar (gay guy) are pretty low.