Submitted by LP788 t3_116v73q in philadelphia

Maybe I’m a schmuck, but I went to pick someone up at the airport tonight and there were tons of cars parked along the shoulder where it clearly says no parking and directs people to the cell phone lot.

It seems like the city could get a ton of revenue by ticketing everyone that ignores the rules.

Like I said, maybe I’m the schmuck for following the rules, but why even have them if people so blatantly ignore them?



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Economy-Cantaloupe42 t1_j98otjh wrote

I don't understand it either. It's so easy to park in the cell phone lot and head out when you need to. Why do people still park on the road?


jedilips t1_j98pdc9 wrote

> Why do people still park on the road?

Because this area is filled with entitled pricks who do whatever they want and think rules are only suggestions that do not apply because it would inconvenience them.


tracksuitaficionado t1_j991hng wrote

Double park culture. As trivial as it may seem it’s the thing that I genuinely despise the most about this city.


Disarray215 t1_j994zb1 wrote

I hate it more when they double park next to an open spot. It’s like park in it, doesn’t matter how fast you’ll be and don’t worry you’ll be able to pull back out into traffic.


CallMeMattF t1_j9accbx wrote

People delivering Amazon packages out of their own cars who do this make me want to make my daily driver a bulldozer


BlackhawkinPA t1_j9ajvtm wrote

This is the preferred method of double parking in the NE


philly-spud t1_j9aneqw wrote

Parking in the middle of Broad St and parking to block corners/pedestrian crosswalks without any consequence too. Philly is just lawless when it comes to parking.


tracksuitaficionado t1_j9aojv6 wrote

I live on a street that feeds onto Girard, and every single morning there’s a car parked in the x’d out spot right at the corner and it makes pulling out safely nearly impossible because I simply can’t see what’s coming. It’s a safety issue as much as anything else.

And we have a city councilman who promotes driving to the corner store. It’s an actual joke at this point.


philly-spud t1_j9arfml wrote

Same. I live on a small/in between block so there are no stop signs when I pull out and every day I just hold my breath and hope that someone sees my lights I flash before pulling out.


kcvngs76131 t1_j9bauo1 wrote

The number of lifted pickups especially that park across the ADA cutouts is insane. Like I shouldn't have to backtrack a block to do an unnecessary crossing because I can't access the thing that is supposed to make the sidewalk accessible. Most of the time, it's both corners blocked like that. It's a nightmare to have any mobility issues in this city


swainstache t1_j9css84 wrote

As someone who drives around the city all day this is my least favorite driving habit. Just lyft drivers and delivery drivers double parking everywhere instead of pulling over. And that’s not counting all the regular people doing the same damn thing


flaaaacid t1_j9944ag wrote

…and they’re proven right time and time again, when no consequences are dished out for their antisocial behavior. Which explains so much in Philadelphia.


ISOtrails t1_j9a5tzk wrote

Cottman ave at Frankford- cars are double parked where the lane narrows so essentially you have a turning lane and two lanes merging into one at an intersection. It’s maddening and ain’t shit being done about it


shapu t1_j997w8v wrote

>think rules do not apply

They often don't. The city has abdicated even the most basic enforcement to the people, but the citizenry has neither the incentive nor the power to enforce rules either.

Rules without enforcement, whether taht enforcement is by government or by society, are rules that do not exist.


RoverTheMonster t1_j98rx03 wrote

This is the translation I do in my head whenever I read someone’s shirt that says “No one likes us, we don’t care.”


Zip-Wreck t1_j99w562 wrote

I just think of the Kelce speech. Bet he would have had a banger this time, too.


Jewfros t1_j9aaqza wrote

I will say the last time I used the cell phone lot it was absolutely packed with maybe ~5 spaces open


Odd-Emergency5839 t1_j9afjgx wrote

This happens in Chicago and every other major city too. It’s not like it’s just a Philly thing.


nnp1989 t1_j9aj37q wrote

Not really. Try this at LAX and the cops will be on your ass in seconds. One of the only positives of navigating that airport.


Odd-Emergency5839 t1_j9ajy4f wrote

I’ve 100% seen this happen everytime I’ve been to O’Hare. Can’t say for sure about LAX


NoFaithlessness3209 t1_j9aprid wrote

There’s not even space to do this at LAX! So that’s not even a good example. I was just in Seattle and they do the same thing as Philly


CharlySB t1_j9aba6n wrote

The cell phone lot is super easy to use, people who park on the side of the road are morons.


crispydukes t1_j9ab0gc wrote

Because this what they’ve “always done.” It’s the refrain of the native Philly asshole


DippyMagee555 t1_j9b3t7n wrote

They take pride in carrying on a tradition of selfishness. It's beyond immature, it's pathetic


tastycakebiker t1_j9aez61 wrote

Because making the left turn into a spot and then backing out if it is just TOO HARD


all_no_pALL t1_j9a5uk9 wrote

Exactly this. Even tho there’s a light there, I rarely see people wait for it to turn.


lordredsnake t1_j9drpta wrote

Yeah that light is long and annoying. That would be my only reason for avoiding the cell phone lot, but I'd rather dick around on my phone while waiting in my car and not have to worry about the slim chance of getting ticketed or rear ended.


Edison_Ruggles t1_j9ah8ri wrote

Because they are morons and they enjoy running their engines breathing fumes then darting into traffic to experience the high risk fun of near collisions. Not sarcasm.


barrygurnsberg t1_j9p2k50 wrote

Not really, it takes like 15 minutes to get from the cell phone lot to the terminal, it’s very annoying.


alittlemouth t1_j98q3at wrote

My best guess is that people are simply too stupid to realize what it's for. Maybe if they changed the name to "FREE PASSENGER PICKUP WAITING LOT" then more people would utilize it. "Cell phone waiting lot" just isn't clear enough for people to understand what it's for, and that it's free.

I refuse to believe that people know what it's for and choose to park on the side of the road just to be assholes.


LP788 OP t1_j98r4he wrote

I’ve gotten past the time where I think the best of people.

As for your theory, I guess they could be more clear in the name of the lot. But it also says no parking (or stopping) right there.

People just don’t think rules apply.


courtd93 t1_j98z8td wrote

Lived here my whole life, and only learned what that meant by this post. Give some room for ignorance. I do always mean to google it later, but as I’m the one driving, I can’t then and it slips my mind by the time I can.

ETA: thanks for the info for real tho


sickPeep t1_j9axl8q wrote

I have to admit I have parked in the no parking zone myself because I didn't even know that a cell phone lot was what I was supposed to use


barchueetadonai t1_j9bd416 wrote

This is not one of those situations. There are always so many people there that I’ve just kind of assumed that this is what the cell phone lot is, a section of road widened out for cars to idle in.


Redpandaling t1_j9aw6rb wrote

Cell Phone Lot is the name used at every airport I've ever been to though, so maybe it's some weird standardization thing.


hairlikemerida t1_j9dj2tl wrote

People tend to not pick people up at the airport when they’re on vacation.

When you arrive at an airport and then go back to that airport, you’re never getting in the “Arriving” lane, so you won’t see any part of that infrastructure (other than when you’re leaving it and trying to figure out how to navigate a whole new city).


[deleted] t1_j9a76h5 wrote



alittlemouth t1_j9b0yyz wrote

Nah, dude. I think they just don't know (as is evidenced by a bunch of people commenting that they...didn't know). People here seem to want it to be because they are assholes. I guess it feels good to get big mad about something.


shapu t1_j997qpg wrote

>It seems like the city could get a ton of revenue by ticketing everyone that ignores the rules.

This city is so fucking weird when it comes to ticketing and money. Yes, you're right, they could make a ton of cash. They could do a whole lot of things that would make life better for everyone.

And they simply choose not to.


espressocycle t1_j9a3cx6 wrote

Let PPA just drive down every five minutes with a plate scanner and mail people tickets. Maybe it's because they're essentially a state agency existing entirely for their own benefit but they're nothing if not motivated.


shapu t1_j9a3zqj wrote

PPA is limited to center city by state law, if memory serves

Edit: i am a wrong


ISOtrails t1_j9a5xaw wrote

No. I’ve gotten tickets in the ne. They also patrol with the boot- you ever watch parking wars?


DonHedger t1_j9a5uue wrote

What do you mean by center city? Not disagreeing; I don't know the laws dictating what they can do at all, but I don't usually think of the Queen Village area as center city and I saw them there all the time when I lived there.


shapu t1_j9a7e1r wrote

I thought for some reason they were only allowed to patrol in center city. I was wrong.


espressocycle t1_j9alnk8 wrote

Ah. The rarest phrase on Reddit. "I was wrong." Hey, it happens. They actually operate a parking lot at PHL but I don't think they should legally give tickets the way I suggested. But maybe they should.


greenweezyi t1_j9bgb19 wrote

Ticketing people is PPA’s job. Also, PPA is a straight up cursed establishment.


TheBSQ t1_j9czdhb wrote

Ticketing people is only PPA’s job on streets with parking meters, time limits, or ones that require a residential permit. They enforce their parking rules, not the city’s.

Anywhere else, it’s PPD.

That’s why you can get a PPA ticket for being 5 minutes past the meter, but if you’re in on a non-permit street, you can park on the sidewalk or in the middle of the road, and violate every parking rule and nothing will happen.


barrygurnsberg t1_j9p2tbv wrote

The purpose of the cell phone lot is to prevent people from parking on the shoulder. Last time I did this a cop came and made everyone move. That’s more important than trying to make it a revenue generation opportunity.


shapu t1_j9p4a0g wrote

I believe you, but I've also not seen that happen often. Apparently OP hasn't either.

We're all coming at this from an anecdotal perspective, of course, but my gut feeling is that i would be shocked if the enforcement is any better at PHL than anywhere else outside of center city.


Vexithan t1_j992goi wrote

I’ve lived in a lot of cities and flown through many more. This is the only place where I’ve seen this happen. I think it’s because people here give 0 fucks when it comes to anything car-related and have a myopic view of everything centered on themselves.

I love this city but god damn. The car culture is so toxic and self-centered it’s incredible. Even on my street it’s a crapshoot if I can

  1. Find a spot when I get home from work because no one actually backs their car up after parking so there’s tons of half spaces or
  2. I can barely get out in the mornings because I have 4 inches in front and behind me

APettyJ t1_j99r62u wrote

I see at at JFK and EWR all the time, particularly EWR as I take people there often. It's not just a PHL thing.


Chicken65 t1_j99400q wrote

Same. Haven’t ever seen it in another city. Last time I said that someone said they did to Make it seem like it was normal elsewhere….


Kinoblau t1_j9cegau wrote

I’ve seen it at JFK, EWR, LAX, and most recently at Chicago Midway. Idk how you’re missing it.


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j999yco wrote

I struggle with this in my neighborhood. Lots of places with room for three cars but only two end up there with way too much room on both ends and the middle. As for the other, I'm lucky I didn't have to go anywhere today because I don't think I can get out. I get that the guy in front of me is trying not to block the hydrant with his giant work truck, but the guy behind me is four inches from my bumper with over a foot and a half between him and the dead car behind him. Rolling back six inches would have helped a lot. Of course, getting rid of the five dead cars on the block would help, but that's unlikely anytime soon.


Vexithan t1_j9bautf wrote

Imagine the city towing cars that are legally abandoned!! Someone literally parked their giant trucks bumper (why the hell you need a Ford F6000 in a city is beyond me) over my wife’s bumper and if she had needed to leave she’d have been trapped. It’s buck wild.


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j9bbm82 wrote

There are five on my block that haven't moved in the year I've been here. The dead one near mine belonged to the guy two houses down who died before we moved in. Someone removes the mail periodically, but that's it. Otherwise, the house and car just sit. It's an older car, like late 80s/early 90s, so it has zero value, and the heirs have no reason to bother selling it.

I'm trying to convince the landlord to let me dismantle to creaky rear deck so we park in the back.


Vexithan t1_j9bmhkp wrote

I feel like they could at least get scrap for it. When my pos car died I got like $100 for the metal and had to do 0 work


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j9bmy94 wrote

I suspect they're not bothering to transfer it. But yeah, if I could get the five towed it would be great for everyone. Right now a single guest to the neighborhood, or work truck, throws off the whome situation. It any of the vacant houses fill, and don't have rear parking, it's foing to get ugly.


XSC t1_j9ae25y wrote

This happens at JFK as well and that belt parkway is definitely more dangerous to park than 95.


DonHedger t1_j9a653p wrote

The parking drives me FUCKING CRAZY. Being efficient with your space and backing up appropriately should be a fuckin reflex.


Vexithan t1_j9bb3l5 wrote

I legit don’t know how you can live in a city, some of these people their entire lives of 70+ years and not know how to parallel park. And then they complain when someone “takes their spot”

If you want a driveway move to Cherry Hill like everyone else who’s complaining


ACY0422 t1_j98q32b wrote

That is been a problem for over 20 years. There were efforts to ticket cars but it seemed to go in fits and starts.

I usually wait at the Wawa on 291 in Tinicum. It has snacks and a bathroom. Lots of airports stop there so it safer than the one on Island Road. Almost the same time to get there as parking in cell phone lot. If possible later at night I have the person I am picking up and meet on the ticket counter road. Departing Flights.


CathedralEngine t1_j98utm5 wrote

Before the cell phone lot existed, people would wait on the shoulder. I remember when they were “no, seriously, we’re going to enforce it!” But it never really lasted. It’s one of those things that will never go away.


APettyJ t1_j99qhz7 wrote

It is not almost the same time to get to the terminals from the lot as the Wawa. The points about the bathrooms and snacks is true, but the road from the cell phone lot empties onto the arrivals road almost at the start of the pickup area. It's almost as close as parking on the shoulder of the road as it approaches the pickup area. The lot even has some vending machines in it for snacks now. The main issue with the lot is vehicles leaving it can get caught in a jam caused by ride-share, taxis and other commercial drivers entering the road for them to make pickups. The road needs better signage so that non-commercial vehicles don't sit in the line, having to be directed away once they reach the gatehouse controlling the road, which slows down the the throughput and causes the traffic jam.


ACY0422 t1_j9b2bxy wrote

I worked at the airport a long time ago. I never felt comfortable in the cell phone lot. I worry about security as it is isolated place for a robbery. I don't like the traffic leaving it. I actually usually try to avoid the Arrival's road and have the person I am picking up meet me on the departures road. From the Wawa when the person I am picking up makes it to bag claim I leave Wawa and kill time circling International Plaza. I just don't like the cell phone lot.

Bathrooms and concessions for food trucks were suggested but shot down by airport management.

But I agree with OP something needs to be done about parking on I95 ramps.


APettyJ t1_j9b57kj wrote

If you are referring to the lot on Bartram, that's not the lot anymore. The new lot is entered off of the car rental road, same road used to access the Marriott as well, and empties out further back up the road at the split for the car rental road and road to arrivals and baggage claim. Yeah, the old lot, which was fairly close to the Wawa, and also for a time served as the lot for Black car/limos and briefly for ride-share cars, wasn't as well lit and also not as populated. The new road is squarely on airport property and is more well lit and "secure feeling".


ACY0422 t1_j9cum1j wrote

I used it a few times. Was there when it was built. I never felt good parked there. I only go to the airport a couple times a year. The lot on Bartram was not that great.

I still think that airports could develop cell phone lots to generate revenue with concession sales and make it more attractive and better enforce traffic laws on the ramps. But I think with all the retirements that the airport police is understaffed.


thecw t1_j98vos7 wrote

95 is patrolled by PA state police. So no revenue for the city.


oliver_babish t1_j98vwny wrote

Technically, is that ramp in Tinicum Twp, Delco?


LocalOnThe8s t1_j9963ph wrote

It is tinicum but patrolled by Philly. You don't see Delco cops in or around the airport.


gnartato t1_j9c85ik wrote

Correct. PPD does the airport and all access roads.


LocalOnThe8s t1_j995zpc wrote

I've been ticketed there twice in the past 15 years by Philadelphia police. The cell phone lot is convenient and the place to be.


The-Mighty-Monarch t1_j999i3l wrote

Yeah I’ve been to a lot of airports and Philly is the only one where I’ve seen people get away with parking on the shoulder like that. Is don’t know why they aren’t told to move - in ATL they beat on your car window if you pause too long in the pickup lane.


TheBSQ t1_j9czt2t wrote

That would be Philly PD’a responsibility, not the parking authority (since it’s not a parking area) and Philly PD does not enforce any traffic violations.

So, ironically, there’s less enforcement in the 1,000% illegal to park.


hairlikemerida t1_j9dimyt wrote

The police don’t really stick around the ramps.

They do, however, patrol the pick up lanes, especially at night. They’ll rap on your window and tell you to keep on moving if they notice that you’re in one spot for too long.


ms4721 t1_j98voj1 wrote

They park on the shoulder bc it's direct access to picking up the person once they are out. If you go to the cell phone lot, easy to get to, but you have to loop around to arrive at the arrival gate. Been going to the Philly airport for over 25 years now, it's not nearly as bad as it used to be when the cellphone lot didn't exist.


TheFAPnetwork t1_j99hdvp wrote

To those who don't want to make 4 lefts, oh fucking well.

Seriously the Philly cell phone lot has to be one of the easiest to get to that not many airports have.

LPT: tell whoever you're picking up to have them call you when they've gotten their bags from baggage claim. Don't try to be some wise ass with timing thinking that if you leave ten minutes after the board says arrived that you'll be picking your passenger up. Just tell whoever is being picked up to call you when they've gotten their bags.


DonQOnIce t1_j9awjne wrote

Your LPT is the one. I don’t understand how people even end up waiting for people they pick up in these days of online flight tracking and cell phones. The person I’m picking up can wait for me if the timing isn’t perfect.


APettyJ t1_j99qvhm wrote

You don't have to "loop around". The road empties out onto the approach road for the terminals. Provided there's no traffic it takes seconds. Only problem is there often it traffic from non commercial vehicles getting caught in the line for taxis, Ubers and limos that bears to the right.


ms4721 t1_j9jf7tl wrote

Oh, that still counts as looping around for me. It's not a direct road as if you were wanting on the shoulder before the arrival gate...


CharlySB t1_j9abink wrote

I been going to the airport for over 35 years now, you don’t have to loop around from the cell phone lot.


ms4721 t1_j9jf2kw wrote

How do you exit and go directly to the arrival gate? Tell me your secret!


CharlySB t1_j9jfxmi wrote

You turn left


ms4721 t1_j9jghza wrote

You still have to go around though. It's not a direct exit to the arrival gate, as if you were waiting on the shoulder right before you get to the gates. I know it's not a complete loop, as if you were exiting the airport and getting back on, but it's still more than just going straight.


APettyJ t1_j9kedr4 wrote

The pushback to describing it as "loop around" is that it implies it adds extra time to a pickup vs parking on the shoulder, and it doesn't. It adds an extra minute to stopping, but once in the lot there is little to no difference in pickup times. The "loop around" only matters if someone for some reason was driving nonstop through the lot to go to arrivals, which Uber and Lyft drivers do have to do in order to access the the commercial road from where they make pickups, but they don't have a choicr tomdo what they need to do. However, if you are coming early to pick someone up, there is virtually no difference between sitting in the lot vs sitting on the shoulder, except one is legal and had vending machines and the other is illegal and dangerous. One caveat is if parked on the bridge shoulder, which is even worse but thankfully most cars are not parked there. Other caveat is of there is traffic on the arrivals road from the lot.


Boostedforever4 t1_j9b15ht wrote

Been dropping and picking up friends at the airport for the past years. Finally realized why people do it. Additionally, you dont have to wait for the cluster fuck of a wait at that stop light where you merge between the uber and regular lane. Whoever designed that road an absolute idiot.


RexxAppeal t1_j98tsgc wrote

Always assume every other driver is actively trying to kill people. They'll risk pulling off a shoulder into highway speed traffic to save 45 seconds, or are just toi lazy to park in an back out of a spot.


FordMaverickFan t1_j99gesk wrote

The Cell Phone waiting lot is poorly designed.

There's no punishment for parking on the shoulder with your hazards on.

Human IQ drops to room temperature the closer you get to an airport.


mmmagic1216 t1_j98tnzn wrote

I literally never understood why people were waiting along the side of the road 😂 I also never understood why the “cell phone lot” existed, such a horrible name.


allthingsparrot t1_j9abtc9 wrote

They used to heavily regulate the on ramp parking pre-covid. I think the cops gave up on that and people got lazy again. The cell phone lot is super easy and way less stressful than ramp parking. I saw people walking across and down the ramp a few weeks ago. So unsafe.


DlnnerTable t1_j9at4o7 wrote

Im the idiot that didn’t know what a cell phone lot was until this post. Are there signs for it? Is it easy to get to the pick up spot from it? How long does it take? Are there a designated lot for each terminal? Some of you make it sound a hell of a lot easier to sit and wait there than in the area everyone actually parks to wait. I hate the chaos.


whyyhwnotton t1_j9b3v3n wrote

It's a single lot, just before you enter the arrivals area, just follow the signs for the Cell Phone Lot...It couldn't be easier or more simple.


DlnnerTable t1_j9b8rbk wrote

I have to pick someone up at the airport in a month or so. Weirdly excited to give it a shot


Shingo__ t1_j9brxuk wrote

If you live close to the airport, I would recommend doing a few dry runs of pretending to pick them up at their arrival terminal. PHL airport is one huge loop on an island, that is fully navigated solely with highways, on/off/merging/converging ramps, and merging lanes, and is very confusing if you don’t already have knowledge of the entrances and exits you need to follow. Google maps isn’t very helpful either at the airport, and navigational alerts will happen faster than you’ll be prepared for.

Look at Google maps to route yourself there ahead of time. When you get on the “airport island” after crossing any of the long bridges, start really following the overhead highway signs, they’re useful. First follow signs for arrivals / cell phone waiting lot, so you know where to park and wait for their plane to land. Then exit the lot and follow signs for “arrivals”, and “pick up area”. That takes you to the terminals, which are all laid out on a long one-way road. Simply follow cars that will be going this way, but don’t follow cars going to departures of course! It’s easy to do that by mistake. Terminals are labeled with letters A-F. Do not pass their terminal! If you do, you will have to exit and loop back around the entire airport, which is annoying and can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes depending on traffic. After you’re familiar with the terminal where they will come outside to your car, keep driving thru and follow signs for whichever highway you need to go home. This way you can get a feel of the layout.

All of the airport employees, police, taxis and Uber drivers are very knowledgeable and helpful if you get lost or confused.


DlnnerTable t1_j9bxvsc wrote

Thanks for the tips! The few times I’ve driven through the arrivals area of the airport I’ve missed my terminal and had to do that full loop you talked about. Not fun with traffic lol


peachyprince55 t1_j98ytx7 wrote

I’ve heard that Uber drivers park there waiting for fares


KingdaToro t1_j98zejs wrote

They have a separate, designated lot.


Burekaburu t1_j99coo1 wrote

Yes and they don't use it because it's faster to wait on the shoulder


KingdaToro t1_j9ag79a wrote

I've done Uber in the past. There's a virtual queue for airport pickups, and you have to be in the designated lot in order to remain in the queue. Waiting on shoulder = no rides.


APettyJ t1_j99r22i wrote

Shouldn't find too many Uber's waiting on the shoulder. There's a lot for them very close to the pickup area, next to the lot for taxis and limos, past the gatehouse that causes the backup there. Safer, closer and there is a bathroom.


Squadooch t1_j99o9dm wrote

It’s honestly so easy to use. No less convenient than hitting the flashers on the shoulder, but a lot safer.


rubikscanopener t1_j9anlfm wrote

The cops used to ticket. I haven't seen any effort to keep the shoulders clear since air traffic picked back up post-quarantine. I've done dropoffs/pickups at the airport maybe half a dozen times in the last couple of months and the people waiting on the ramps is as bad as it's ever been.


alyssarv t1_j9c300w wrote

I have no idea how regular this occurrence is, but the one time I had to pick someone up and utilized the cellphone lot, I was stuck in traffic trying to get out of that lot for 40 MINUTES. It was nuts.


notworkingghost t1_j9cue5n wrote

Really? I’ve always found it super convenient. Way better than hoping no one crashes into me waiting just off the road. Maybe I’ve just been lucky.


alyssarv t1_j9cyhvs wrote

You’ve probably been lucky. But that being said, I wouldn’t dare to park on the side of the interstate regardless of my experience.


SouthPhilly_215 t1_j99lmzf wrote

I drive for Uber on the side. It used to take me to the lot and have me wait there. It used to be worth it to wait there.. Not anymore though. But I notice the part where we used to park is blocked off. Idunno what the cell phone waiting lot is even for anymore. Especially since they make us do pick ups in the same area as cabs now. I’m never just stuck in the lot anymore.


APettyJ t1_j99rlqn wrote

The main Uber lot is on Island Ave, across from what used to be the Overseas Terminal. 4700 Island Ave, next to the Double Tree hotel. There is a an additional lot close to the pickup area for Comfort class and Lux vehicles, sharing the lot with limos and other Black car vehicles, next to the cab staging lot past the gatehouse.


SouthPhilly_215 t1_j99xaea wrote

Right but like… We rarely get hung up at the lot anymore. I assume you drive or know the airport well? Think about it.. They’ve changed something with the algorithms or whatever in this post pandemic era.. Its not like drivers are sittin in a lot with a hundred others and skipping rides till they get the NY, DC, Harrisburg, etc distance trips..

It might not be cheaper to fly into Philly and take an Uber the rest of the way to those destinations like before.. But the airport seems to have changed how they operate in conjunction with the ride share companies’ algorithms and passengers’ demands… Theres a marked difference between driving Uber now and driving Uber before the pandemic is basically what I’m getting at… with regards to Philly Airport pickups


APettyJ t1_j9bevsd wrote

They are always tweaking the algorithm. There's "priority rematch", introduced back in 2018which is when the apps (Uber/Lyft) pair a driver making a dropoff at the airport with someone needing a ride who has just arrived. This is supposed to lead to riders get their rides just a bit quicker while removing the need for drivers to go to the lot. As a result however, if incoming flights aren't making heavy demands on ride-share vehicles someone in the lot can wait a long time for a ride than would be the case before they implemented priority rematch.


SouthPhilly_215 t1_j9c2zcl wrote

Tbh, I think cabs have the upper hand now that they can line up and wait in the same area we’re required to pick them up at now.. Seems easier to just get in a cab than fumble around summoning and waiting for an Uber to loop around and get you. Certainly makes no sense anymore to stand next to a running cab while you wait for me to come from the Uber nether realm to get there. Idunno.

Edit: Upper hand at the airport now..***


APettyJ t1_j9cdeo5 wrote

Cabs do have an upperhand, in price and in wait time, especially at airports. Just a lot of people have been burned by them pretty bad pre-uber days, or pre-uber-going-bad and are just used to Uber, they don't think much of using one even when there is a line of cabs waiting in front of them while they are waiting for an Uber to show up. Just told someone the other day about this, although because of his prior experiences he said he was inclined to just wait for Lyfts.


toasty88 t1_j9k6dbx wrote

Yeah, I'm like 50/50 on cab vs uber away from the airport. The cabs are often cheaper and faster to get in. But my experiences with taxi rides are so often negative. They are often dirty, drivers sometimes don't speak any english, they will play the 'credit card machine is broken' game like 50% of the time. Last time I got a cab the windows were open in the middle of winter and when I asked to close them he told me they were broken. The comfort levels and vehicles standards of uber sometimes make me just take the extra time and money for a decent ride.


APettyJ t1_j9klfcv wrote

Something I've wanted to try: apparently it's illegal in Philly for a cab to drive with a broken credit card machine, or it was. It wasn't illegal not to have one I don't think, but if a car was equipped it had to work. If a driver made a pickup with a broken card machine, a rider had the right to leave the car without paying. What many people who did this found was the machine wasn't actually broke, the driver just didn't want to take credit card payments, as they got less from the fare. Suddenly a broken card machine worked. All the cabs I've ever used, and to be sure there haven't been many, had working card machines.


toasty88 t1_j9mu0gs wrote

Yeah, I've heard the same, and it's not like I'm doing this to be a dick. If I'm doing business travel I'm not getting reimbursed for expenses that aren't on my corporate credit card, your screwing me out of $30-40 if you try to force a cash payment


mustang__1 t1_j9avjqa wrote

Have seen cops come up and kick everyone out of that lane.


gnartato t1_j9c800u wrote

Same reason any law isn't anymore, PPD are on strike. And this time they are putting our internation airport and all flights to/from at undue risk cause they are politically-driven lazybones.


Zip-Wreck t1_j99vwrz wrote

Let ‘em. More spots in the lot.


espressocycle t1_j9a30ye wrote

Been a solid decade since I picked anyone up at the airport but every time I tried to use the cellphone lot I ended up lost in Eastwick on the way back to the terminals. I assume with Google navigation it's better now but still a pain.


Edison_Ruggles t1_j9ah57d wrote

Because, in theory, it's a good idea. But no one enforces the parking situation on the ramp.


Farzy78 t1_j9alggp wrote

The cell phone lot was a great idea but poor execution, it's too small and could use better signage. It actually gets really full at times then you have assholes parking all over the place to the point it's difficult backing out of your spot. I'll use it in the middle of the day but not during peak hours. People parking on the shoulder never bothered me it's plenty big enough and the police have more important things to worry about.


stfuvoicesinmyhead t1_j9amtbq wrote

Yep, when I moved to the city I had no idea what it was. When I found out and tried to find it the first time I must have missed the sign because I ended up totally turned around. Great idea, but it would be much better with big signs that just say "Free Parking for Airport Pickup"


Farzy78 t1_j9anqox wrote

I've been there a hundred times and still miss the entrance sometimes lol


jamin_g t1_j9alida wrote

Airport isn't in the city. City wouldn't get any money.


SubtleRedditIcon t1_j9b9aia wrote

It was there to deter people from parking on the shoulder. However, people don't care about laws because law enforcement doesn't enforce the laws. Welcome to Philly! Hope the person you picked up had a smooth flight and enjoys their stay!


get2dahole t1_j9bws4b wrote

I've seen a trooper roll up and ticket people on that shoulder clearning out over 10 cars. It is a super dangerous place to post up


apathetic_panda t1_j9c9m48 wrote

You're a schmuck. At least ya figured it out.

Ticketing people at the airport inconveniences Karens, dickhead.

The city spends money ticketing people making their court date 📅- so the state can pretend it keeps a balanced budget & punishes the Poors like GOD intended.


Kinoblau t1_j9cdsmi wrote

Some of those people are illegal cabs or in some cases Ubers, at least that’s the case around Newark/JFK. There were some regs briefly that said Ubers couldn’t operate around those airports so they’d post up out there. Some people are just from the era before phones and cell phone lots and are stuck in the cycle of doing it their way.


TheBobbestB0B t1_j9dofap wrote

So that you have an alternative to blocking traffic/“pulling to the side”, right before the arrivals. It has saved the lives of many an idiot. Be thankful for it. It’s your friend


GreasedandLeased t1_j9eif4s wrote

What do police enforce in Philly? Probably if murder is a minor offense, chillin on the shoulder at the airport isn’t even remarkable


sidewaysorange t1_j9k56l2 wrote

what i dont understand is why anyone leaves their house before the persons plane lands and they are headed to baggage claim. it doesn't hurt them to wait an extra 5-10 minutes. Im certainly not hanging around the airport for an hour waiting for a flight to land.


Greful t1_j992vlj wrote

Idk about a ton of revenue. Once they put their flashers on for one ticket everyone else will drive off and circle around until the cops are gone. At the end of the day I guess it’s not hurting anyone enough to warrant requiring police to scare them away all day long.


shertuyo t1_j9a6ncs wrote

Has anyone actually observed or heard about a crash/fender bender caused by this? Or, a close call maybe?

I’m a defensive driver who is generally offended by dangerous road behaviors, and I’ve driven to the airport >50 times.

This doesn’t rustle my jimmies.


katecrime t1_j997bjw wrote

I actually pay the $5 to park in the garage when I pick someone up from the airport.


IvanStarokapustin t1_j98x2lb wrote

They are lazy and cheap. They could easily park in the garage for a few bucks get their party and get out.

Just another of of those things Philadelphians say we would like to change but we really don’t. Start ticketing people on the ramps and you’ll start getting the litany of complaints from overentitled jerkoffs about how police should focus on actual crime.


[deleted] t1_j98rfxz wrote



cannibowlistic t1_j98roey wrote

Found an entitled prick that thinks rules are just a suggestion.


Cobey1 t1_j98rzar wrote

Sitting on the side of a road waiting for a friend or family member to be ready makes me entitled? Your priorities in life are jacked up my guy


cannibowlistic t1_j98s9i2 wrote

There's a fucking lot, use it. The dangers of waiting there are when you pull out of said road that's on an apex and you can't see the other cars coming while you merge. You're putting other people in danger because youre lazy as fuck.


[deleted] t1_j98skjf wrote



Unpopular_couscous t1_j98vely wrote

It says "no parking."


Cobey1 t1_j98vud2 wrote

I don’t park there. I idle there while I wait for my friends or family to tell me they’re ready


APettyJ t1_j99qowu wrote

There very much is a danger. One of these days there's going to be a bad accident as someone gets hit pulling away from that shoulder, or even trying to slow down to park on it. Cars coming off the highway doing 40-50mph and someone is braking hard to pull into a spot on the shoulder. It's infuriating.


TMIHVAC t1_j98xxmd wrote

Why do YOU care? If this post isn't impacting you, well then, in your own words... "mind your own business ". Someone is a few fries short of a happy meal!


Cobey1 t1_j98yd9j wrote

When people don’t mind their business, it most certainly does impact me. That was the point of me commenting but that went over your head. If I’m sitting on the side of the road, out of your way, why do you care about what I’m doing? Worry about picking your people up, how you are driving, what music you’re playing, whatever. Don’t question what I’m up to.


TMIHVAC t1_j990aam wrote

Lmao, that's like saying "people get frustrated that I'm not following the rules and I don't like that". By acquiring and maintaining your driver's license, you agree to abide by the rules of the road. You are not allowed to park in the shoulder (except for emergencies like after an accident or temporary urgent situations like getting pulled over or a break down,). Shoulders are specifically designed to allow for adequate space for situations like that so that normal traffic may continue without being blocked, for emergency vehicles to maneuver around traffic flow. It's dangerous for both people driving on the road and someone parked in the shoulder, which is why in the case of the airport there is a dedicated temporary parking lot you can wait until you're able to loop around and pick up someone at arrivals. If one person parks in the shoulder is it the end of the world? Obviously not. But 1 turns into 2 turns into 20 and now there are even more dangerous situations with people pulling in/out without looking or not seeing a car. Part of being a productive member of society is understanding the overall impact of actions. Just because parking in the shoulder may be more convenient for you on an individual level, you must realize that you are part of the whole, just one person out of the thousands utilizing the airport services that day, and subsequently as a whole picking up is the safest and most efficient if you use the cell phone lot if you need to wait to pick up your passenger.