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Vexithan t1_j992goi wrote

I’ve lived in a lot of cities and flown through many more. This is the only place where I’ve seen this happen. I think it’s because people here give 0 fucks when it comes to anything car-related and have a myopic view of everything centered on themselves.

I love this city but god damn. The car culture is so toxic and self-centered it’s incredible. Even on my street it’s a crapshoot if I can

  1. Find a spot when I get home from work because no one actually backs their car up after parking so there’s tons of half spaces or
  2. I can barely get out in the mornings because I have 4 inches in front and behind me

APettyJ t1_j99r62u wrote

I see at at JFK and EWR all the time, particularly EWR as I take people there often. It's not just a PHL thing.


Chicken65 t1_j99400q wrote

Same. Haven’t ever seen it in another city. Last time I said that someone said they did to Make it seem like it was normal elsewhere….


Kinoblau t1_j9cegau wrote

I’ve seen it at JFK, EWR, LAX, and most recently at Chicago Midway. Idk how you’re missing it.


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j999yco wrote

I struggle with this in my neighborhood. Lots of places with room for three cars but only two end up there with way too much room on both ends and the middle. As for the other, I'm lucky I didn't have to go anywhere today because I don't think I can get out. I get that the guy in front of me is trying not to block the hydrant with his giant work truck, but the guy behind me is four inches from my bumper with over a foot and a half between him and the dead car behind him. Rolling back six inches would have helped a lot. Of course, getting rid of the five dead cars on the block would help, but that's unlikely anytime soon.


Vexithan t1_j9bautf wrote

Imagine the city towing cars that are legally abandoned!! Someone literally parked their giant trucks bumper (why the hell you need a Ford F6000 in a city is beyond me) over my wife’s bumper and if she had needed to leave she’d have been trapped. It’s buck wild.


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j9bbm82 wrote

There are five on my block that haven't moved in the year I've been here. The dead one near mine belonged to the guy two houses down who died before we moved in. Someone removes the mail periodically, but that's it. Otherwise, the house and car just sit. It's an older car, like late 80s/early 90s, so it has zero value, and the heirs have no reason to bother selling it.

I'm trying to convince the landlord to let me dismantle to creaky rear deck so we park in the back.


Vexithan t1_j9bmhkp wrote

I feel like they could at least get scrap for it. When my pos car died I got like $100 for the metal and had to do 0 work


DisciplineShot2872 t1_j9bmy94 wrote

I suspect they're not bothering to transfer it. But yeah, if I could get the five towed it would be great for everyone. Right now a single guest to the neighborhood, or work truck, throws off the whome situation. It any of the vacant houses fill, and don't have rear parking, it's foing to get ugly.


XSC t1_j9ae25y wrote

This happens at JFK as well and that belt parkway is definitely more dangerous to park than 95.


DonHedger t1_j9a653p wrote

The parking drives me FUCKING CRAZY. Being efficient with your space and backing up appropriately should be a fuckin reflex.


Vexithan t1_j9bb3l5 wrote

I legit don’t know how you can live in a city, some of these people their entire lives of 70+ years and not know how to parallel park. And then they complain when someone “takes their spot”

If you want a driveway move to Cherry Hill like everyone else who’s complaining