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l1vefrom215 t1_jad6aen wrote

There are a multitude of factors which aren’t mutually exclusive. Legacy status, tutoring, money, role models, expectations, schooling, parental support and involvement all are at play.

GFS is not an affluenza school for dumb rich kids though. Being smart and hard working are necessary for success there. What I’m trying to allude to though is it’s not the type of high school where it’s cool to have low expectations, good off, and be “dumb”. That’s just not the culture there.

They will absolutely kick you out if you don’t maintain your grades (after giving you an opportunity to improve).


oliver_babish t1_jadiwc0 wrote

And, look, this is a key thing which distinguishes the private schools: they don't have to educate each kid. They are free to expel (or not invite back) anyone who isn't meeting standards academically or behaviorally.


l1vefrom215 t1_jadjoew wrote

Yeah, there is definitely a selection bias in private schools. They get to admit and remove who they want.