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markskull OP t1_j8ne35n wrote

Both. The real answer is both.

Roosevelt Blvd has the support, and possibly the funding, to create a great mass transit network that could fix a number of serious issues with that area.

We need better zoning and better pedestrian areas, but there's no point in doing only one set. It literally needs to be both improving existing infrastructure and expanding it to places where it could do the most good.


DeltaNerd t1_j8nlxti wrote

Especially for the Roosevelt Blvd. Upzoing those parking lots is going to change the landscape of the blvd for the better


AbsentEmpire t1_j8t7mxu wrote

I'm honestly not sure what would be harder to get done, building the RBS or up zoning along the Blvd. City council is allergic to in fill development, especially if it's by right and they can't get a cut of it.


DeltaNerd t1_j8t9p3k wrote

I recently driven/bike down Delaware Ave by spring garden and the infill is amazing. Imagine doing that for the RBS line.


AbsentEmpire t1_j8tdo51 wrote

Ya there's less residents there to oppose Delaware Ave vs the Blvd, I don't see it happening.


Phl_worldwide t1_j8nff01 wrote

can you share projections that Northeast Philadelphia is going to stop declining? If any subway extension happened would it make sense to build it to the navy yard where literal thousands of new jobs and new apartments are about to be built?


markskull OP t1_j8nli85 wrote

AGAIN, why not both?

Northeast Philadelphia has a substantial population, massive car use, and this would still be helpful for both people trying to get to and from the area and helping to slow its population decline. The area is built around cars, and if you're going to advocate for better zoning around mass transit and better pedestrian infrastructure, guess what underlying system helps to foster that?

I'm also advocating for an extension to the Navy Yard, too, and we really need both.


PurpleWhiteOut t1_j8nq24x wrote

I'm pro both projects, but you do have a point about the decline. The drops in population in NE has been significant and pretty fast. On one hand, this could maybe help the areas around the stations, or it could end up having declined significantly by the time it's done and end up with worse areas around it like what happens with much of the BSL and El


Phl_worldwide t1_j8nqgp0 wrote

Exactly. Honestly, I appreciate the guy who has pushed for the Roosevelt but I’m now to the point where I’m worried it’s just distracting from better enhancements and we will get nothing built


mortgagepants t1_j8nnnb1 wrote

they could easily have the broad street line surface running for that portion but they don't want to.

ridership projections for the BLVD are estimated at 125,000 trips per day, about the same as the subway and the el.