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Unfamiliar_Word t1_j8ngdtn wrote

Continuing to dedicate attention and effort toward the KoP Rail project, which I'm beginning to suspect might be too inherently cost ineffective for FTA to agree to fund, while leaving a larger, more ambitious but actively ignoring far higher value project reflects rather other than well upon the 'powers that be' in Southeastern Pennsylvania, not that we didn't already know.

Meanwhile, SEPTA is having a twitter poll (yeah, yeah, big deal, Twitter isn't real life et cetera) on the most anticipated projects. Things could turn around in the last hour, but it doesn't seem to be going KOP Rail's way. (To be clear, the other three projects are good ones; I voted for Reimagining Regional Rail myself)


Scumandvillany t1_j8nq53g wrote

I actually think the feds will end up denying matching funds for the project. The cost effectiveness is so abysmal it's almost absurd. 4500 rider increase for 2 billion?


Unfamiliar_Word t1_j8nsljl wrote

That $ 2 billion estimate seems to have been around for a while, so I suspect that it has risen significantly by now, while the projected ridership has not. (I think that the damn thing will cost nearly $ 4 billion if ever actually built.)


DitchTheCubs t1_j8re236 wrote

I bet projected ridership has gone down as more people that work the type of jobs near KOP are able to work from home.


AbsentEmpire t1_j8t9r69 wrote

The counties delivered PA to the Biden administration, they're not going to deny the money.


DeltaNerd t1_j8nlng2 wrote

Why are people voting for KOP rail?


NoREEEEEEtilBrooklyn t1_j8nn8kg wrote

Simple: the vast majority of funding for Septa comes from the burbs and that is a project that is burb centric.


NapTimeFapTime t1_j8o4jvb wrote

I live near KOP and I absolutely do not understand it. KOP is the least walkable suburb of Philly by a LARGE margin. Sidewalks dead end, there’s 6 lane highways with no crosswalks, everything is really spread out, truly terrible. Adding public transit doesn’t really seem to make a bunch of sense, unless people will be parking and riding into the city.


ntr89 t1_j8o67mk wrote

Stroads everywhere


NapTimeFapTime t1_j8o6t3m wrote

It’s the stroadiest. I’m very pro-rail project, but they are going to have to unwind like 75+ years of car-centric/car-only/car-first infrastructure in KOP to make it a place that I would want to take public transit to.


Unfamiliar_Word t1_j8oa85e wrote

It's unspeakably frustrating that SEPTA is exerting so much effort to build a transit line through places that are among the least amenable in the area to transit and that is likely to be very resistant to ever changing to accommodate it.

I've also gotten the impression that the malls, critical ridership draws, are not very enthusiastic about the project. I'm pretty sure that Lower Merion Township doesn't want it either. I don't really know who is pushing this project so hard, but whoever it is are a bunch of fools and real jerks too.


NapTimeFapTime t1_j8obsqr wrote

I think the mall and lower Merion doesn’t want the rail project because they don’t want city folk to come to the mall.


AbsentEmpire t1_j8t99e6 wrote

Nobody tell them about where the workforce to run the mall is coming from.

Thier heads might explode if they learn a substantial number of 202 corridor office workers also come from the city.


Glystopher t1_j8ockgx wrote

There’s jobs in KOP, that aren’t in the city


adwvn t1_j8twifx wrote

What kind of jobs?


Glystopher t1_j8u6mow wrote

Mostly IT and tech stuff, pharma too, maybe even IT for pharma.


AbsentEmpire t1_j8t8vqc wrote

Because it's going to make getting to one of biggest job hubs in the region a lot easier.

It's never ceases to amaze me how users here conveniently keep forgetting that 40% of Philadelphians have to reverse commute out of the city for thier job.


DeltaNerd t1_j8t9gy0 wrote

Well the current alignment drops you nowhere close to LM and there are no sidewalks in KOP in the industry district where they plan to terminate the line. I do believe we need the KOP line but this alignment ain't good.


pretentiousmusician t1_j8nusea wrote

Idk but it got the least votes by far


DeltaNerd t1_j8oxmzu wrote

Bus revolution deserves more love


AbsentEmpire t1_j8t9m6b wrote

Well city council is positioning themselves to block or otherwise hinder it as much as they can, so that's not going well.