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Little_Noodles t1_jadq0rr wrote

In before the inevitable. No, the driving equality bill does not prevent cops from pulling over cars with missing or unreadable plates (it does contain language about plates, but absolutely says that the plate has to be readable and “clearly displayed”)


SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_jadt2cv wrote

While technically you’re correct.

Inspection and Emissions are no longer a reason. When you inspect your car it has to be registered as well. Kills 2 birds with one stone. They’re incredibly visible and easy to read from a distance on the windshield. Majority of time an inspection pull over leads to iffy registration issues as well.

No registration stickers on plate anymore. So only way for a police officer to know if car is not registered or there’s issues is to randomly run their plate while driving, imagine that case going in front of Philly DA and judges. “Ran plate for no reason”

So inspection and emissions being whiped off is not good IMO, also, just generally I’d like to see vehicles with bad safety stickers be at least warmed on It as bald tires and worn brakes can kill


Little_Noodles t1_jadug2d wrote

You can still get ticketed while parked for all that though. It just can’t be the only reason for a traffic stop.

Neither is the point of the article though


SaltPepperKetchup215 t1_jadush8 wrote

A parking ticket written by PPA will just go to the stolen plate.

Pull over for inspection resulting in the registration being stolen, forged, expired etc is the best course of enforcement. Tow the vehicle, return to owner etc

PPA would just write a parking ticket for inspection and it’ll go to no one.


Little_Noodles t1_jadvmcs wrote

Oh! I get what you’re saying now. I’m talking about cars without inspection and registration stickers on the windshield. Even before the bill, they were so routinely stolen off plates that nobody got pulled over for that unless cops were looking for a reason to make a stop.

And this article is about plates. Not stickers.

Now, if your windshield stickers and your plate are fucked, they should still be able to theoretically look up the VIN and issue a ticket that way. And part of issuing tickets should involve looking for stolen plates and plates that don’t match the vehicle. But they don’t. And if the VIN is unreadable too, if there isn’t a law ok’ing a tow, there should be. There’s no actual reason this can’t be handled as a ticket.