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Dryheavemorning t1_jadqxq7 wrote

>Gyllenhaal found that, in New York City, about seven-percent of red-light camera tickets are unreadable, often because of license covering techniques.

>But, in Pennsylvania, Gyllenhaal notes, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has said that the impact of 'ghost cars' is negligible.

>Less than one-percent of camera-tickets are considered unreadable and, these have had "no significant impact" on turnpike revenue, the commission told NBC10.

Interesting, the way I see cars driving that are missing or have obscured license plates it seems like more than 1%. But maybe it's just because it's noticable.


hiding_in_the_corner t1_jadr3yp wrote

The 1% is just on the PA Turnpike.


Fattom23 OP t1_jadravq wrote

Where there are state troopers who would actually respond to such a thing.


Dryheavemorning t1_jadsu0u wrote

You'd think that would be fairly representative of the State. Would be interested to see what the results are on the speeding cams on Roosevelt Blvd, probably would be closer to NYC levels.


Brraaap t1_jadtbvs wrote

It's representative of the state, not the city


Dryheavemorning t1_jadvfow wrote

Yes, that is exactly what I said. And that's also why I said it would be useful to know the Roosevelt Blvd numbers. Ben Franklin Bridge toll evaders would be too.


Fattom23 OP t1_jae541f wrote

I don't see too many driving with no tags, just parked. Are you seeing a lot of cars driving around without tags?


Scumandvillany t1_jaduqlm wrote

I think its probably a higher incidence in NYC because they have so much automated enforcement for traffic. So people are looking to get away with it. Especially cops. There's lots of twitter accounts dedicated to exposing this. In general, with more automated enforcement, there will be a need to enforce rules on parked vehicles spotted with obscured tags.


Away_Swimming_5757 t1_jaef6yf wrote

Lots of people probably avoid major camera-heavy state owned highways to lower risk and less footage