Submitted by BearBong t3_1179i2v in philadelphia

My wife and I are born+bred Philadelphians, but met in NYC while working up there in 2018. We moved here in 2019 and, for various reasons, I've finally decided that my NY accountant isn't who I'd like to work with anymore.

Any reccos for an accountant who has worked with folks in the same situation before? Technically I'm based in NY, but am fully remote.

I work in technology and do have annual equity vesting, if that's relevant for suggestions.

Cheers and appreciate any leads!



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Lucretian t1_j9arx4r wrote

As you likely already know, the main issue is dealing with the city wage tax, which your NY employer is unlikely to be withholding properly. Any local tax accountant worth their salt will know how to handle that.

Are you exercising your equity as it vests? I would screen around that competency more than the remote tax thing.


thecw t1_j9c5uo2 wrote

Wage tax is pretty straightforward. 3.79% of your gross.


Lucretian t1_j9ccjk9 wrote

Not quite. I believe that if this person traveled to the home office any appreciable number of days, they can exempt those from the tax.


thecw t1_j9cdwl6 wrote

If you live in philadelphia it doesn’t matter where you work


cerialthriller t1_j9dfdf7 wrote

Not if you live in the city, you pay the wage tax even if you work on site in NJ every single day. You are only exempt if you live outside the city, and your office is in the city, but you work on locations outside of the city, you are exempt for those days that you are working in another location, but not from home


CerealJello t1_j9cx9ux wrote

I work remotely for a company in CA, and they withheld Philly wage tax automatically without issue after I started. When I worked in Delco, they didn't even do that until I caught the issue myself.


aduckwithaleek t1_j9btkcj wrote

Bill Dougherty. I'm a fellow remote NYC worker in Philly and he's done a great job with my taxes (especially the part where my payroll company was still pulling NYC/NYS resident taxes and absolutely no PA/Philly taxes for 2 goddamn years).


BearBong OP t1_j9bwozu wrote

Boom, this sounds like a winner! Ty – I'll tell him aduckwithaleek sent me


KiLeCu t1_j9cbbhl wrote

I would also be interested in Bill’s info as I have to do a schedule C filing as I’m a NYC worker living in Philly


porkchameleon t1_j9b3e3w wrote

> We moved here in 2019

> Technically I'm based in NY, but am fully remote.

So which is your place of residence? If you live in Philly and claim to be in NYC for tax purposes (beats me why) - that sounds like fraud to me (IANAL and IANACPA, though).

If you live here and work remotely for an NYC business - shouldn't matter (I am in similar situation, never had an issue).


BearBong OP t1_j9b8ujw wrote

eI'm a Philly resident, but my company has me on the books as a NYC employee (they had no 'remote' open headcount, but the fit was really great). Company records with me residing in Philly


porkchameleon t1_j9bbf4e wrote

Yeah, I am not a CPA, but in my personal experience - you shouldn't be on the hook for any tricky tax scheme (and if they have anything NYC taken out of your paycheck while you live in Philly and pay city wage tax - talk to a proper tax person ASAP as possible).

Any local CPA should be fine otherwise (can't direct you to anyone specific, since I use either H&R Block or family does it for me).


mistersausage t1_j9ce1of wrote

NYC income tax is for residents of NYC only (even if you work there, if you live out of the city, you don't pay it), so he's right you should pay 0 to NYC. There used to be a commuter tax back in the day, but not anymore.


LogicalFool420 t1_j9jbfe7 wrote

How about you just leave Philly alone and go back north you carpet bagger!