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OneToughFemale t1_jdox781 wrote

There was just some chemical spill into a lake somewhere in Pa. Maybe Bucks County


popcarnie t1_jdp1ro4 wrote

I am over this country


Rheum42 t1_jdpcqfs wrote

Like, honestly. And we just take it without complaint smh


BureaucraticHotboi t1_jdpw0zs wrote

Watching the French fight for two years of retirement (as they should) makes me sad because we barely lift a finger in this country as capital strips our environment and our social welfare system


dlxnj t1_jdqf1dh wrote

I swear people simp so hard for corporations here and then make it seem like they’re some kind of “alpha” for it… weird fucking culture


madeupmoniker t1_jdqi5y5 wrote

Last time Philly had major protests, in 2020, the police tear gassed everyone


jengibredia t1_jdrbpf6 wrote

And we should fight back. If they're going to use chemical weapons on them, we should use our mass numbers on them.


lardbiscuits t1_jdsfdfn wrote

I type on Reddit and express mainstream political opinions on social media. Speak for yourself.


hilwil t1_jdqicp7 wrote

What’s a little daily chemical spill into our sources of water amongst friends, eh? No need for any repercussions, right?


[deleted] t1_jdq74vy wrote



philadelphia-ModTeam t1_jdqlq2b wrote

Rule 6: This comment was removed for advocating, threatening, or promoting actions likely to lead to violence or physical harm.


[deleted] t1_jdr096a wrote

Or action. Many complain without taking action


datneckbearddoe t1_jdp0zxb wrote

Thx, this would make sense. Traveling down the Delaware River…


Totalnah t1_jdpat00 wrote

“The U.S. Coast Guard has command on the cleanup operation and has told at least 8,100 gallons of latex finishing material spilled into the waterway. They said the water soluble acrylic polymer solution had a maximum potential release of 12,000 gallons, with a final determination being worked on.”


cazzhmir t1_jdq0rnf wrote

oopsie doopsie i accidentally dropped 8 thousand fucking gallons of a toxic chemical into one of the largest rivers on the eastern seaboard

some people should not be in charge of anything


jengibredia t1_jdrber2 wrote

They do it on purpose. It's their disposal plan. To "accidentally" spill it and make it everyone else's problem. Yes, these people should not be allowed to exist in our society. They are destroying the world for profit.


suitology t1_jdv8b4m wrote

Nah it's not disposed of intentionally it's valuable stuff they made to sell. it was just cheaper to neglect the pipe for years.


rootoo t1_jdqxuhd wrote

Just a little goof-em-up, no worries.


TheFartingKing_56 t1_jdx4wi9 wrote

Girls when they spill ~8,000 gallons of toxic chemicals into a major river leading to the Atlantic Ocean:

Oopsies haha


Dryheavemorning t1_jdpe9uc wrote

That's relatively tiny. Wouldn't have caused this widespread of a smell.


HistoricalChicken t1_jdqadzz wrote

That’s not how it works. Some chemicals can be smelled for miles from even the smallest amounts. Nile Red did a great video on “the stinkiest chemical in the world.” Apparently it can be smelled for miles from just a few drops.


Dryheavemorning t1_jdqg57e wrote

There's been nothing in any of the news stories about that spill indicating it caused the smell. The spill site was to the east of us and the prevailing winds would have taken it to NJ. The smell was definitely something funky but in all likelihood came from the west. My guess is just the normal terrible pollution from the Midwest but we got a better smell of it because of an inversion.


Vague_Disclosure t1_jdqnapu wrote

Yeah my money is on inversion as well. Not thrilled about a chemical spill but judging by some of the distances that people are reporting the smell I don't see the spill being the main cause.


jengibredia t1_jdrbiwl wrote

Media never covers corporations poisoning the world. It would be all we see if they did. The media is corporate propaganda.


TheNightmareOfHair t1_jdvgc24 wrote

Update: The spill made Democracy Now's 15-minute world news report -- as did the chocolate factory explosion that killed 7 in Reading. They also ran a segment later on (it's a 1-hour podcast total) about how a quarter of humanity lacks access to clean drinking water. I'm guessing this was the only (non local) daily news roundup to address any of this. Certainly did not make NPR's Up First, NYT's The Daily, BBC Global News Podcast, or WSJ's What's News.


revcon t1_jdpylno wrote

It’s so fucked up that this is the new “why helicopter?”


Luhdk t1_jdqs911 wrote

haah o man. hard agree. this is sad but very true.


skip_tracer t1_jdpnjzd wrote

has to be what it was. Smelled it on 90 in Jersey when I was approaching the Betsy then all the way down Richmond as I drove home.


Jiberesh t1_jdqwvcd wrote

I’m in center Chester county, I smelled it while it was drizzling. I’m glad I’m not the only one


huggy19 t1_jdprz87 wrote

i dont think so. i smelled it last night, though not as strong. i think its the inversion thing.

Edit: how’d I get a downvote for saying I smelled it on Friday?


LocalOnThe8s OP t1_jdp7v3n wrote

how the fuck do you accidentally spill shit into the waterways? you would think they would have some kind of safeguard against this. i feel bad using toilet bowl cleaner that goes into a septic system. dow gets to dump 12k gallons of latex bullshit into the river. you cant even stock trout in the neshaminy because its so bad.

edit: this spill happened at the old rohm and haas, where there is a giant park on the river bank that is now closed down because its one giant fucked superfund site. i can imagine it used to be much worse when theyd dump this shit on purpose to dispose of it.


BureaucraticHotboi t1_jdpw6i5 wrote

Remember when the gas storage field exploded in south Philly and released poisonous gas that only by the grace of god was blown out over the Atlantic. We were one stagnant day away from half of south Philly being seriously ill or dead


VanDammeJamBand t1_jdr5yym wrote

Reminds me of a few years ago when the whole city smelled like sulfur one night. Turned out a plant in NJ had released a ton of some chemical into the air that was JUST TECHNICALLY within legal parameters. Kinda blew my mind then that that was perfectly legal, and it was at least (in my understanding) less hazardous than this current situation.


jengibredia t1_jdrbzu5 wrote

They do it on purpose. It's expensive to dispose of it properly. "accidentally" spilling it makes it the governments problem and they just have to pay a fine.


acesilver1 t1_jds2yqn wrote

That’s why the government needs to fine these instances to the point of oblivion.


tgalen t1_jdp0zlw wrote

I thought it smelled like strong chlorine


harbison215 t1_jdpkr7l wrote

I smelled the chlorine smell sometime during the week, and only for an hour or so. Haven’t smelled it since. I’m in bucks county pa


rollingstoner215 t1_jdsb0w8 wrote

You may have just gotten desensitized to the smell


harbison215 t1_jdscg5q wrote

It seems to be gone. Who knows. Sometimes the trees this time of year can give off a similar smell


Alpacalypse84 t1_jdsdrkx wrote

The stinky trees haven’t bloomed yet. That’s a late April thing.


puddin__ t1_jdpezun wrote

On another group I’m in, someone called Called Air Quality Management. Seems like they need more people to call in order for them to actually care.

215-685-7580; 215-686-4516 after hours.


LocalOnThe8s OP t1_jdpjqm6 wrote

i was wondering if there was a hotline, i assume they cant be bothered, probably arent doing anything, or will lie and say everything is safe.


Away_Act_4679 t1_jdow1ec wrote

Idk but I’m losing my mind because of it


scuddlebud t1_jdp1zq3 wrote


WiseRelationship7316 t1_jdp33fj wrote

Piggybacking this to say: The newly selected Chief Counsel for the PA DEP (EPA) is the wife of the former republican chairman for the state. A republican latina who has a spotty agenda on the environment, who’s friendly with Gov Shapiro and placed in a role that she has no background for… I’m not sure why the Philadelphia Inquire has not looked into this selection. She was very quiet about her appointment. We’ve now left the legal agenda of the environment in the hands of an unqualified person who doesn’t likely believe in climate change. We’re going to see more of this go unchecked.

Also critically important, why is a democratic governor appointing republican leaders for the environment in PA? I know I did not vote blue for this.

The DiGiorgio’s are historically riddled in scandals.


FiziKx t1_jdowlbb wrote

It’s been like this for hours. It’s strong in Spring Garden/Fairmount/North Philly, too.


mazerati185 t1_jdozjyv wrote

I thought it smelled like finger paints from schooldays lol this was in fairmount near the target


Hanpee221b t1_jdp2mm1 wrote

Omg my boyfriend said to me as he was leaving today “does it smell like children’s art supplies out here”


gobirds1182 t1_jdp5j9g wrote

Got a package delivered and it smelled like that, now I know I haven’t completely lost it


Wheelie_Dad t1_jdpgolm wrote

YES! This exactly. Just smelled it on my walk home in Fishtown.


Brraaap t1_jdoudpw wrote

That's weird that it hasn't made the news yet


wyueprouqi t1_jdoyqo4 wrote

Oh good, I thought I was having a stroke. Smells like burning in Gray's Ferry.


phillybeardo t1_jdqe05v wrote

Yeah, I was checking up and down the side streets to see if something was on fire as I was out and about last night. Definitely smelled like burning.


12kdaysinthefire t1_jdp4siq wrote

It’s inversion. All the pollutants that normally ascend higher up into the atmosphere are currently trapped underneath this cloud layer, at ground level. This usually happens during the colder months, at least once a year. Sometimes it smells like burning or melting plastic, sometimes like a sweet perfume, just depends on which industries you live nearby and down wind from.


Shagggadooo t1_jdpecyq wrote

It does smell exactly like the chemical plant passing exit 26 on 95 there near Port Richmond now that you mention it...


LocalOnThe8s OP t1_jdpjvt7 wrote

yep, pretty sure they do plastics, the place that just spilled does plexiglas.


casp514 t1_jdp22qu wrote

Idk but there was a very distinct watercolor paint smell in Brewerytown when I got home at like 6 today


watekebb t1_jdpttmz wrote

I was trying to put my finger on what the odor reminded me of earlier this afternoon— knew it was some like hyper specific scent memory, but couldn’t place it. Been driving me crazy (though better to focus on that than think too much about how our brain cells are doing after marinating in this all day).

Your comment finally brought it to the surface for me: the utility sink in my middle school art classroom. Base notes of knockoff Crayola tempera and acrylic paint— the water-based, washable kinds that come in bulk bottles— spattered in various stages from watered down to wet to drying to caked on. Heart notes of hard water, cheap brown paper hand towels, and damp paintbrushes that have never once gotten the chance to fully dry. Top notes of heated plastic (from rinsing the plastic cups we used to mix paint with that scalding-ass water) and that kinda pearlescent pink antibacterial liquid hand soap. Somewhere, a trace of Elmer’s glue and a whiff of chlorine.

My SO said it reminded him of opening a box full of inflatable beach balls.


dskatz2 t1_jdpbj9s wrote

I thought our neighbors had just cleaned off their porch. Then I realized the smell was everywhere.


Shagggadooo t1_jdpe6mk wrote

I thought my car electronics burned up or something here in Brewerytown lol


KatherineHennesy t1_jdqyto5 wrote

We were driving down I95 and thought our car’s electrical system was on fire. Parked the car In center city and smelled it and thought “o crap” its our car. Then the smell lingered everywhere and was relived 😅


aParanoydAndroyd t1_jdt6ax0 wrote

Holy fuck. I think it’s the spill in the Delaware. I read how the chemicals in the spill are similar to that I’ve acrylic house paint.


jaylubes t1_jdoxrhl wrote

Same in port richmond


BitchIsShadyAf t1_jdswkgq wrote

Reading this thread after the contamination advisory is kind of crazy


aParanoydAndroyd t1_jdt6t2b wrote

Yep!! Everyone saying they spell paint, I just read that the chemicals in the spill are similar to that of paint


BitchIsShadyAf t1_jdt71fm wrote

Yep! They’re the chemicals found in acrylic paint. Definitely makes me even more concerned about this whole thing


abortionleftovers t1_jdoz2jv wrote

It smells like that in west too


sjkyle5 t1_jdoz9k7 wrote

Can smell it down in south Philly broad and porter


omgahya t1_jdp5095 wrote

Crazy, I had my window cracked open and was driving behind a UHaul and just assumed the smell was coming from that. From U City to South Philly that’s all I smelled. Like burning/spilled coolant.


andreach16 t1_jdp4wm2 wrote

In point breeze smells like glue or strong paint, I thought it was from some of the constructions. My dog doesn’t go out because of it.


stefdistef t1_jdp62nb wrote

I was also concerned because it smells like...... clean?


passing-stranger t1_jdp5xg0 wrote

Thought the air smelled like paint in port richmond. I went inside because of it. It's overwhelming


will-you- t1_jdpibfa wrote

Thought it was the neighbor running ozone machines after his basement flooding. Traveling to the next neighborhood proved that theory wrong. Can’t be good; Fuck.


Tall_0rder t1_jdptx1u wrote

Was wondering if it was just imagining that. Spells kinda ozone-y.


_SundaeDriver t1_jdp92tr wrote

I smelled it driving through the city earlier and I can smell it now at home in Lansdowne.


1moreRobot t1_jdpimmd wrote

It must have gotten sucked into the ventilation system at the Kimmel Center, because we could smell it during the orchestra concert tonight. Sort of smelled like a struck match to me.


1moreRobot t1_jdpiswf wrote

And while walking there, we smelled something that was similar to Crayola paint.


chefNick92 t1_jdq7963 wrote

That was the smell I smelled in south jersey last night!


TheSender t1_jdpr6ts wrote

I can smell it in Broomall


pleeplious t1_jdpvcc2 wrote

12,000 gallons is a drop in the bucket. That can’t be it.


Plutopowered t1_jdrmsve wrote

It looks like there is now a boil water advisory


Uniball38 t1_jdp1hc0 wrote

It’s probably just that inversion thing again


fracturedtoe t1_jdqijg4 wrote

I smelled that in Delaware County.


Bakirocky t1_jdr2ufk wrote

I smelled it inside the house. I thought I was going crazy.


veganjam t1_jdsz96k wrote

I smelled something like pool chemicals this morning when I made a stop in cherry hill


quieromofongo t1_jdoxz2e wrote

I’ve been smelling it for a few days. Smells like burning metal. Like when someone is welding or soldering.


LocalOnThe8s OP t1_jdp890n wrote

yep, smells like a grinding wheel or burnt clutch. the factory off 95 in tacony? smells horrible just like this on a windy day, i feel bad for the residents near by.


SammieCat50 t1_jdr58xo wrote

It smells like that every night in fox chase . Sometimes it’s so strong your eyes will tear & your nose burns. It’s every night


puddin__ t1_jdp09dj wrote

I can’t find any info. It’s been for hours.


in_Need_of_peace t1_jdpg7yi wrote

Maybe it’s from the factory blowing up in west reading


Positive-Pin3712 t1_jdr0vmu wrote

I’m in tacony and last week there was a similar smell and it was so strong we could smell it both outside and then through the downstairs of the house, I thought someone was cooking/mixing drugs or smoking them, it was nauseating.


murphysfriend t1_jdwq3ox wrote

Ooh that smell, Can't you smell that smell, Ooh that smell. The smell of that smell.


MacKelvey t1_jdprpez wrote

Can you smell that smell


FeedMe16 t1_jdp6ygc wrote

Idk how far smell travels but could it be from the factory exploding in Reading yesterday?


tbizzles t1_jdp86tq wrote

Ohhh ohhhh that smell. Cantcha smell that smell?


UnitGhidorah t1_jdpiuwl wrote

Usually a bad smell is coming from NJ.