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rossdowdell t1_jai9bj6 wrote

Many years ago, a co-worker was going to the Convention Center for a seminar. He took his wallet out of his coat pocket and locked it in his desk. Seeing me staring at him, he said, "Henon is sitting near me."

I'll never forget that.


BroadStreetRandy t1_jaiau90 wrote

It's always great to see these crooks get some form of time. Interested to see where Johnny Doc lands.


MonsterNog t1_jaigo9o wrote

It’s always a Dougherty in the union causing trouble, friggin iron workers union were beating people up tied to chairs and shit


skip_tracer t1_jaiv5y2 wrote

couldn't have happened to a bigger douchebag, lock all of them up


OwlStretcher t1_jaj57iq wrote

Bobby Heno Bobby Henon

^Bobby ^Henon Bobby Heno Bobby Henon

^Bobby ^Henon Bobby Heno Bobby Henon

Oh Oh Oh-Bobby Heno