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RosaSB t1_jefvd1v wrote

Even better, there's a train that runs from Reading to Jim Thorpe at least daily. If they both left from the same station in Reading, imagine being able to head up to the Poconos from the city without having to drive there.


DeltaNerd t1_jefx7o5 wrote

I dream of this. Bring my snowboard up to the Poconos and not needing a car


dorkfall t1_jeg0k41 wrote

The Jim Thorpe train actually leaves from the outer station, or at least it did a few years ago. Not sure if a link from there to Franklin St is in this plan or not


RosaSB t1_jeg6m9q wrote

I'll admit, I wasn't as familiar with the area to know there were two different stations, but it would be awesome if they could connect those, too.


defmain t1_jegq7zb wrote

There's also a train from Jim Thorpe to Pittston (near Scranton), at least for the spring and summer.

Edit: I actually looked into this a bit more. The train ride is more "something you do" more than something you take. It's $50 round trip and only runs once per day, and is designed to be taken from Pittston. You have to buy tickets two weeks in advance. Definitely more of a private touristy thing. And it takes over 2 hours. You can do it by car in 1.