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mlippay t1_je5p324 wrote

The key is allow vs do they ticket. It’s clearly illegal, but people are rarely ticketed so they keep doing it.


Philly_is_nice t1_je5saco wrote

Best way to deter crime, raise the likelihood of getting caught. This Jersey dickhead isn't going to change their ways if there's a 1 in 100 chance of a $500 ticket, but they will if there's a 2 in 3 chance for a $50 dollar ticket this wouldn't be a problem.


malcolm_miller t1_je6gppw wrote

It's funny how this type of stuff isn't ticketed, but my license plate was off by 1 number in the parkmobile app and I got a parking ticket in less than an hour.


BlackLocke t1_je9b3zz wrote

That doesn’t require a person to do a job besides the one who coded the app.


Wu-Tang_Killa_Bees t1_je70qhv wrote

The issue is that a lot of the trades workers that roll into the city with work trucks don't have to pay the tickets, and their company just sees tickets as a minor expense of doing business in the city that is billed to the client. These types of vehicles need either like $2k+ parking tickets or an immediate tow, some kind of significant punishment that would actually cause the companies to tell employees not to illegally park


doom2 t1_je9dsl2 wrote

I had a plumber come through for some work and saw he parked illegally. Asked if he needed to move his van and he said exactly what you did: he just pays the ticket.


a-german-muffin t1_je5tuzv wrote

If that's 23rd under JFK, that shitbird's been there since before 6 a.m., no less.


knowledgenerd t1_je5yumy wrote

Yeah and it forces pedestrians into the street where cars have one lane between the truck and K-rail. It’s dangerous and annoying. Happens every weekday!


DanDstuff OP t1_je63jyl wrote

Exactly, my immediate thought is luckily I’m not handicapped or need to push my child’s stroller in the street.


AutisticOcelot t1_je6qq8r wrote

My immediate thought is to put some dogshit up under his door handle.


xphizio t1_je6dbbh wrote

"Forces pedestrians into the street" -- Are you the type to walk into moving traffic? I'm not fully understanding the logic here.


a-german-muffin t1_je6hb2a wrote

This thing is the width of the sidewalk, and construction on the other side of 23rd has closed a full lane and the sidewalk on the other side. Literally the only way around this motherfucker is going in the street.


xphizio t1_je6itxk wrote

Are you saying you’ll go into the street into MOVING traffic? Still not comprehending the logic. I suppose crossing the street at a stop sign is equally as dangerous?


a-german-muffin t1_je6julq wrote

Ignoring that you're missing the larger point, 23rd is a one-way southbound — you could step into an empty street going south to get around this jagoff and have someone turn off Cuthbert and hit you from behind without you ever seeing them.


xphizio t1_je6kp1u wrote

No I understand the “larger point” and its inherently flawed logic. You cross the street in actual traffic at a stop sign and still risk being hit. You’re crossing the street in non-existent traffic to get around a parked car with a risk of being hit. These are no different situations besides a posted sign. Pedestrians always have a right of way granted lawful circumstances.


a-german-muffin t1_je6lkn7 wrote

What the fuck is flawed about "this guy is a fucking asshole and making shit needlessly dangerous by parking on the sidewalk"? Because that's the larger point, not whatever the you're trying to shoehorn in here.


ewyorksockexchange t1_je6sedq wrote

Someone in a wheelchair would have to go all the way from curb cut to curb cut to get around this truck, which likely cannot be done quickly enough to ensure they won’t encounter traffic on the roadway.


Thot_P0cket t1_je6lxnu wrote

> I'm not fully understanding the logic here.

Let me help you: vehicles shouldn't be allowed to park on sidewalks.


DanDstuff OP t1_je63gez wrote

Yepp! And there are 3 more cars parked behind it.


ModestAugustine t1_je5s1qq wrote

Have you tried reporting it? I would call the PPA enforcement line (215-683-9773) and also reporting it to 911. You can text 911 to do so - just have the location, make/model/color of the car, and license plate info if possible. They probably won't do anything the first day, but if it's there consistently and you keep bothering them daily, they might come out. I know it's ridiculous to have to do all that, but I've had some success in the past with it.


Ng3me t1_je5uyn2 wrote

Yo. The PPA is much improved. Over the last like 3 months they’ve gone from not trying to really getting after people for stuff like this. If you call in a location the dispatcher will put it out on radio right away. They now see pedestrian safety as part of their mission. Call in everything.


aintjoan t1_je6axf2 wrote

I wish this were true. In my neighborhood it certainly is not. You can call in, sure, and they'll repeat the address back to you... and never send anyone.


jchapin t1_je7vm4r wrote

PPD has to handle it if it’s on the sidewalk. At least when I reported something similar a year ago.


ModestAugustine t1_je7wkrm wrote

That's not necessarily the case, in my experience, at least not anymore. If it's an area the PPA patrols (meaning there's metered or permit parking on the street), they will enforce sidewalk/crosswalk blocking as well. If it's unzoned parking, though, that's the PPD. But, even that may not be totally true anymore with the recent push the PPA has had to enforce some of these issues.


AgentDaxis t1_je62ava wrote

Typical entitled Jersey d-head.


[deleted] t1_je6qeuj wrote



ewyorksockexchange t1_je6t6vo wrote

Too obvious, and it’ll be covered by insurance anyway.

Take a shit in the water cooler instead.


TheBebsey t1_je89had wrote

Reminded me about a BillyPenn tweet asking for people who encounter sidewalks regularly blocked by business vehicles to reach out to a reporter.


weslivluna12 t1_je9qw5q wrote

Happens all the time when I’m with a stroller !!! I can’t imagine anyone in a wheelchair being happy to see it either