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p-i-p t1_je9iusv wrote

Unlike most I like SEPTA, it's better transit than many other cities I have lived in. However, STOPPING REGIONAL RAIL AT 11pm ON WEEKENDS IS FUCKING STUPID AS FUCK. Fix that and make trains more frequent please and thank you


SirLaxer t1_je9rc0e wrote

Agreed. I ride Paoli-Thorndale twice a day for work, and I like coming into the city on the weekends to visit friends, spend my money, etc. I wish Septa would make it easier to return home instead of making it feel like I have a curfew. Missing a train and needing to wait at least an hour, or missing the last train and needing to use a costlier option like Lyft, stinks.


PurpleWhiteOut t1_jeah4li wrote

I don't know how they don't realize that adding later trains will also increase their ridership on EARLIER trains. There have been so many times I've had to drive out of the city somewhere right next to a train station because of no return trip