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erdtirdmans t1_jd55tgg wrote

We literally used to do this. The city layout hasn't changed much at all. Roll out the old plans


oramirite t1_jd5evnd wrote

"roll out the old plans" is pretty clearly an oversimplification of what it takes to run an infrastructure service in a major city. It's not simple.


felldestroyed t1_jd57wp2 wrote

And tow/ticket a whole bunch of poor people's cars so they can't show up to work? It's easy to say "tough shit" online, but a whole lot more goes into public administration than that.


GruffEnglishGentlman t1_jd5b97t wrote

Then move the damn car. This isn’t rocket science and it’s not oppressive.


oramirite t1_jd5f5wm wrote

Stop claiming something has to be rocket science in order to be semi-comllicated and operationally intense.


felldestroyed t1_jd5e127 wrote

Lol, yup, just as easy as that. No one will be harmed! It's not rocket science, it's common sense yall! Until your entire district is lighting up your switchboards wondering why noone informed them and why the hell we even need street cleaning - it was fine to your constituents before now. And the retiree really hates that you towed her car and she knows how she will get back at you: a primary.
You act like this isn't something that hasn't been studied for around 150 years. That the first Roosevelt didn't struggle implementing - that every single politician and city manager implements. There are doctorates in this and they still can't solve it. And fortunately for these neighborhoods: they won't just be railroaded any longer, like they were for at least 3 generations with highways, railways, and shitty gentrification.


erdtirdmans t1_jd6eut0 wrote

Oh, well, poor people might be affected by our attempts to improve the city. Might as well just let it degrade to shit. That way all the poor people who can't move out of it can enjoy what's left of it knowing that we were really nice to them when we doomed them to hell