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DeltaNerd t1_jea1jf8 wrote

I can't believe we need a major change just to do the basic services...


GumshoeAndy t1_jea2s7q wrote

I've been submitting 311 tickets for the same abandonded car for three years.


blackb11988 t1_jeajjw2 wrote

Have you seen the PPAs new initiatives to address these cars?


GumshoeAndy t1_jeav85e wrote

Yeah, I called the obscured tag phone number earlier this week. I left a message. I still haven't heard back and the car moved down the block. Maybe other people have had better experiences but, I'm not optimistic.


rndljfry t1_jeaxv0f wrote

It just takes a while. They reach out to the owner and all kinds of stuff. They took 3 cars off my block a couple months ago.

"Moved down the block" will be a problem for getting it removed. They're looking for deflated tires, expired tags, other damage like that.

Parking on the street for a long time isn't abandonment, at least technically.


DeltaNerd t1_jea33hn wrote

I need to start doing that too


GumshoeAndy t1_jea4db2 wrote

If we had functioning basic city services like universal street sweeping, you wouldn't need to.


ColdJay64 t1_jea6dgz wrote

Vote Domb! He pointed out that the city’s operating budget has gone up 50% since 2015, but that city services have only gotten worse. He also mentioned prioritizing population growth.


GumshoeAndy t1_jea88w3 wrote

Agreed. Domb and Rhynhart are the only candidates I'm considering.


AbsentEmpire t1_jec33cp wrote

Wish we had ranked choice for this very reason, they're the only two candidates worthy of consideration, everyone else is just varying levels of do nothing, corrupt, and clown.


GumshoeAndy t1_jec3aej wrote

I don’t disagree. I hope they don’t split the reasonable vote.


ColdJay64 t1_jech06k wrote

I don’t see how they won’t. Practically everyone reasonable I encounter says those are their top 2, and they’re mine as well. Domb is my top choice but I’d be happy with Rhynhart.


GumshoeAndy t1_jechkt8 wrote

Exactly. I'm leaning towards Rhynhart but, I'd be happy with Domb. It sounds like you and I have similar views on the candidates but, we're at risk of canceling each other out. This is a good case for ranked choice voting.


uptimefordays t1_jeexvas wrote

A new mayor seems unlikely to solve our problems. Most of the major issues facing the city are symptoms of structural issues like poverty, for which there are not quick fixes.