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PurpleWhiteOut t1_jeaiio0 wrote

These are almost always wrong. Google Philadelphia population and look at how the graphs decrease every year until the 10 year census when it jumps up. On the other hand past trends have shown Northeast Philly in particular dropping in population precipitously (my guess is a mix between a generation of children moving out at the same time as well as original homeowners starting to die more quickly based on neighborhood development age) which has been dampening the impact of the consistently huge gains in Greater Center City. It's unfortunate that 2020 was a really shitty year for an urban census and we won't have a solid comprehensive picture of the population from 2011-2029


nougat98 t1_jeal2kq wrote

The cell phone carriers have an incredibly accurate count of people who actually live here. Not sure about the census but city itself is clueless - they sent me jury duty notice more than a year after I left. Had to email them a photo of my MT driver’s license to escape their clutches.


ColdJay64 t1_jeb2qh6 wrote

Based on cell phone data, the city's population grew .8% between April '21 and April '22:


William_d7 t1_jebj8i4 wrote

That’s interesting and seems logical given that 1/5 of my friends and neighbors seem to “live” in NJ or elsewhere despite only leaving the city for holidays…