Submitted by Loot_my_body t3_126qu31 in philadelphia

UPDATE: FOUND! And I love all of you sooooo much for it!! I cried like a baby! I love you Reddit and I love you Philadelphia!!!’**** Missing black kitten in a bow tie collar. Name is spooky and is very friendly. He has some white in his belly and is very talkative. He is missed dearly and if anyone has any information please contact me. I miss him terribly and this could not have happened at a worse time. Thank you!



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babywithahugedick t1_jeacxva wrote

Cats (and kittens especially) don't roam very far when they escape. My roommate's cat got out for 3 days around the Race/Vine BSL station and we ended up seeing her running around our street and brought her back in. Another time my ex's cat escaped and was just hiding in a bush across the street for a day.

Cats are generally nervous homebodies who hunt by staying in a small, secluded spot waiting for prey to come to them. Odds are your kitten is hiding somewhere very close to your house. Hope you find him


Little_Noodles t1_jeazixg wrote

True story - OP, talk to your neighbors. There’s very good odds that your kitten is in their backyard


Loot_my_body OP t1_jee6znu wrote

I’ve been reaching out there as well. Thank you. Some of my neighbors reported seeing a cat in a blue and purple collar yesterday. Hopefully that’s a good sign.


Loot_my_body OP t1_jef5hvp wrote

update: a neighbor found a very affectionate black cat meowing and is currently feeding him three blocks from my house. It may be him


myothercarisapynchon t1_jeadw2b wrote

my sister lives near 4th and ritner and saw a black cat near her house this morning. she was wondering if she should feed him. if she sees him again i’ll let you know! i hope it is spooky and you can be reunited!

edit: she said he had no collar but was very meow-y. he could have slipped the collar though?


Loot_my_body OP t1_jeae3of wrote

That is two blocks from my house! My heart skipped a beat.


Loot_my_body OP t1_jeae50o wrote

Thank you so much!!!!


myothercarisapynchon t1_jec2l8j wrote

so my sister hasn’t seen the cat again but she put some food on her step. she has a ring camera so if she sees him again i asked her to reach out here.

i really hope this works out, i am unfortunately dealing with finding out that my own cat may have cancer so a win would be awesome right now


Loot_my_body OP t1_jeanakz wrote

Thank you to everyone who has liked this post. It helps and I really appreciate it philly.


solipsisticsundays t1_jeaw6br wrote

Put out his litter box, bed, or something of similar size. The smell and familiarity might help bring him back to your front steps.


Loot_my_body OP t1_jeaxrgn wrote

I did that thank you. I’m scared someone has already picked him up. He’s very friendly. I’m scared I’ll never see him again.


nolandeluca t1_jeb8ic6 wrote

There's so many friendly stray cats in this city, it would be a first if someone scooped one up that had collar and actually kept it lol, hope you get him back!


solipsisticsundays t1_jebj8s4 wrote

I’ll keep my eye out as I don’t live very far and have cats myself so I understand. Assuming you did but post in some of the local Facebook groups with photos on the off chance someone scooped him up. Fingers crossed you find the spooky boi


Loot_my_body OP t1_jebjl61 wrote

Yes! I posted on a lot of groups. I’m really hopeful that it reaches the right person.


toiletjocky t1_jec3iy6 wrote

One thing I will add here that has worked numerous times for the people I've recommended this to... Put out some of your dirty laundry as well will the litter. I have like 90%+ success rate with this.


Loot_my_body OP t1_jee73oz wrote

I did put my clothes outside. Thank you for the suggestion.


Loot_my_body OP t1_jefttmm wrote

UPDATE: FOUND!!!!!! God do I love all of you so much!!!! Thank you for everything and all of your help and support!!! You are the best online community to ever exist!!!!


SchleppyJ4 t1_jebab40 wrote

Thinking of you and your buddy. Hoping he comes home soon, safe and sound.


Loot_my_body OP t1_jebh59c wrote

Thank you. It’s crushing right now. I’m really worried about him.


Itslehooksboyo t1_jecdxft wrote

I am praying for Spooky's safe return 💕


TheFAPnetwork t1_jedc0it wrote

Check behind the Asian market. There's a huge cat colony there and is monitored by someone who kinda stays over there (?)


Loot_my_body OP t1_jee75a8 wrote

I do eat over there a lot. I will go by after work today.


TheFAPnetwork t1_jeehucp wrote

I know Oregon Ave is a huge street and a cat crossing it would be a nightmare. But from one cat handler to another, they find a way. With such a big colony nearby, your cat might make its way over there.

I hope you get them home


Loot_my_body OP t1_jeem33a wrote

I would say from my house it would be about five blocks so that could be realistic. I’m so scared I can’t even sleep at night. I want him home so bad.


PBO123567 t1_jedrvyf wrote



TheFAPnetwork t1_jeehmy3 wrote

Lol which part?

If we're thinking of the person who stays over there: I can't say that they live in the minivan that sits right at the cat colony entrance. I say they stay there because about 90% of the times I've driven by there, I see the van there. It's usually during the day I see them there. They'll be there as early as 6am and as late as 8pm. I don't know if they actually live out of their van.

If you mean the cat colony directly behind the Asian market, I frequent that supermarket and the pho restaurant there; all good.


WeeberBeeber17 t1_jeezdef wrote

Keep us updated! Rlly hoping you find him, we are keeping our eyes peeled


Loot_my_body OP t1_jeezhqa wrote

Thank you so much! I’m posting everywhere. I finally got flyers to hand out when I get out of work.