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Eubadom t1_je0ii1l wrote


Hoyarugby t1_je0j4el wrote

you're right, there are a few other countries that have extremely high levels of gang violence and where everybody is armed. We're in great company with el salvador, Mexico, and Brazil

oh and btw, most of the guns in those countries were bought legally here. Not only are we killing ourselves in huge numbers, we're exporting the problem


Fly__Eagles__Fly t1_je0v1w2 wrote

Ignore the other contributing factors for the best bad faith argument possible!


BasileusLeoIII t1_je0l9yq wrote

we actually are one of the only countries with a very large minority population kept in perpetual under-class status by systemic racism, which inevitably leads to high gang violence


Eubadom t1_je0lkia wrote

Underclass minority groups form gangs in almost every country on the planet.


BasileusLeoIII t1_je0mnlm wrote

We're the only first-world nation this diverse


UndercoverPhilly t1_je1inqr wrote

So we either stop being racists and make sure everyone gets a fair shot at life, lock up all the criminals, or preferably BOTH.

This is our circumstances, we need to deal with it and stop making excuses.