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Raecino t1_je2tw6t wrote

Most of you have no idea how to address the violence plaguing this city. You automatically assume displacing vast portions of the population will make crime disappear. Building new apartments only those with a lot of money can afford does NOTHING to address the root causes of these problems. In fact, it does the exact opposite. How can you call it investing in a neighborhood or bringing a neighborhood up when you don’t include those who live there? For too long many have turned a blind eye to this and we are reaping some of the results. Income inequality is a huge problem that only exacerbates the issue. Building a new Starbucks, a pet daycare and luxury apartments does NOTHING to stop the violence.

Yet when people from the community try to offer advice and their insight on what can and does work, the same idiots screaming about NIMBY’s don’t want to listen.


TheBSQ t1_je4tif7 wrote

Ok, you’ve had your cathartic vent where you complain that others are idiots.

So, let’s switch back to being constructive.

What is this community advice you say works well?

Is there a city or neighborhood success story you can point to? A neighborhood that once had a very high homicide/crime rate that implemented this advice, lowered the crime, and sustained those lower crime rates, and did so without displacing the existing population?

ideally, there’s example where one can show two neighborhoods with similarly bad crime rates, one that did the policy, and another that didn’t, and then you can compare the two before and after.

That’s basically the gist of what a lot of academic policy evaluation papers do, but even just a place where you think it’s worked well would be cool for people to see.