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the1whoknocks77 t1_jcl492h wrote

The Cathedral was built shortly after this time and you can really see that it’s built like a fortress. Few windows and they are very high to avoid being smashed.


ActionShackamaxon OP t1_jcl5md4 wrote

St. Michael’s (pictured) and St. Augustine’s were both burned down during these riots. Obviously, subsequently rebuilt. The cathedral’s defensive architecture was a direct response. Notably, the “German” Catholic Church on 5th and Girard (St. Peter’s) was spared during the riots. Definitely a culturally targeted initiative.


Dryheavemorning t1_jcl814n wrote

Any idea of when/if they are going to fix the steeples so they can take down the netting?


PurpleWhiteOut t1_jcl9ln5 wrote

The Basilica is the same way. Barely any windows. Instead there are alcoves for statues where some windows would normally go and filled in window-shaped arches