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rndljfry t1_jdcinwc wrote

>The gates, from Conduent Transport Solutions, include a 3D imaging system that can sound an alarm if someone tries to piggyback their way past the gate without paying. The sensors can also recognize wheelchairs, strollers and luggage.
>The SEPTA board is set to approve a $925,000 contract for the 3D gates on Thursday, with delivery expected late this year.
>Nearly 2,800 fare evasion cases were reported on SEPTA last year — an increase of more than 800 from 2021. Busch said the new gates would more accurately track the number of fare evaders on the system.

Is this number for the pilot program, meaning just the two stations?

So, nearly a million dollars to see if we can claw back roughly $7,000 in stolen subway rides per year?


bushwhack227 t1_jdg5trf wrote

2800 reported cases. I wouldn't be surprised if the actual number is 20x that.


rndljfry t1_jdhjw3v wrote

the group has decided it's anywhere from 5x-100x. Looks like you're on the generous end lol