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DanHassler0 t1_jdcndr0 wrote

The $5 is fully refunded when you register your card. I believe you can technically do it twice, so theoretically by the time you need a third card they should be using NFC open payments.


CerealJello t1_jdcnkep wrote

I keep two extra cards on hand for guests, and I've already had one card expire, so I'm well past the limit. This would obviously not have been an issue if we could do multiple taps. The eTix on the app kind of fixes this problem, but I haven't tried it out with multiple riders yet.


Hanger-on t1_jdcr8fs wrote

I think you can do it for two active Key Cards per email address. I have 4 of them at home, just registered under different gmail accounts so I could get the refund.


prettylittlearrow t1_jdds30s wrote

They stopped refunding the $5 FWIW


DanHassler0 t1_jdi1zjj wrote

"Please note, it costs $4.95 to get a Key card. As an incentive to protect your Pass or Travel Wallet funds, against loss or theft, SEPTA offers a reimbursement when you register a new Key card. If you register your Key card within 30 days of the purchase date, the $4.95 fee will automatically be applied to your Key card Travel Wallet which can be used immediately to pay for individual rides or towards the future purchase of any pass. Limited to two cards per customer account. You can register your card online at or by calling the Key Customer Call Center at 1-855-567-3782.",your%20Key%20card%20Travel%20Wallet.

Are you sure? The website still says they refund you.


prettylittlearrow t1_jdni4qg wrote

I've tried a few times to register and it didn't refund me, I've had friends say the same when they tried. it's SEPTA, who knows at this point lol