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randym99 t1_jdd80m6 wrote

2,800 reported fare jumps works out to a single fare jump per week at each station on the BSL and MFL. That 2,800 number might very well be off by 100x, in which case $700k every year is an excellent payback.


rndljfry t1_jddb3i8 wrote

$975,000 for two stations.

Maybe if there were 195,000 jumps per station per year. That's 535/station/day.


randym99 t1_jddbyk8 wrote

195k per station per year would be a 1 year payback, ignoring all benefit from cleaning the system up for honest riders. I'd be thrilled with a 5 year payback, which would require preventing 39k fare jumps per year per station, which is like 4-5 fare jumps per hour, which is probably in the ballpark of the actual situation on the ground today.