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emlynhughes t1_jdd8pj4 wrote

The issue isn't really the fares. It's the other problems they cause on the subway that inconvenience other passengers.


rndljfry t1_jdd9u1m wrote

I wonder where they'll take their problems, then.


emlynhughes t1_jdda4ir wrote

This mentality of just selling out public transportation on this reddit always blows my mind.

Especially with something as important to a city as public transportation.


rndljfry t1_jddapkb wrote

I'm not sure what you mean. Once you kick them out of the subway, they hang around on the sidewalk next to the subway. Then people are still afraid to walk to the subway. Panhandlers go where there are people. Homeless people go where they can be comfortable. Kids cause trouble for laughs.


emlynhughes t1_jddb9e1 wrote

Maybe that should be addressed as well?

Not just turning the El into a homeless shelter or day care to save the rest of the city.


rndljfry t1_jddbtk1 wrote

I guess ultimately the idea that the fare-jumping is the root of the problem just really doesn't feel right to me. Subway upgrades are cool.